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Welcome to the Fly Plugins Codex!

This codex is designed to be a central repository for documentation and tutorials for our plugins. We hope it will benefit our Fly Plugin's customers, developers or anyone in the WordPress Community. We intend to make this a "living document" constantly adding fresh content and information with regard to our plugins.

Fly Plugins


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Licensing Models

Fly Plugins has 3 licensing options with regard to Fly Plugin's plugins.

  • Unlimited site license – This license option allows you to install the plugin on an unlimited number WordPress sites, including client sites.
  • Two site license – This license option allows you to install the plugin on two separate installations of WordPress.
  • Single site license – This license option allows you to install the plugin on a single installation of WordPress

Product Guarantee

All Fly Plugin's product will hold a 30 day money back guarantee.

Registering Your Plugin

Once you purchase WP Courseware you will be provided with a license key. In order to officially register your copy of WP Courseware you must insert the license key into the plugin settings page.

We allow you to move licenses from one site to another, however you must un-register your license in the Fly Plugins member portal prior to registering it on another site.

  • Register Plugin - First login to your WordPress site as an administrator. Then navigate to the “Settings” area and insert your key. Upon clicking “Save ALL Settings” you product will then register the site with our license server and will also enable your plugin to be eligible for future updates.
  • Un-register Plugin - First login to the member portal. Then you will need to find your product and look for the list of registered sites underneath the plugin product. Click the un-register hyperlink next to the site that you want to un-register.

Member Portal

The member portal is a custom area for our customers to be able to have control of their purchased products. You will have the ability to:

  • Download latest version of your product
  • Get your product license keys
  • Register/Un-register a site
  • Obtain AddOns or additional plugins and downloads
  • Change profile password

Accessing the Member Portal

Upon purchasing WP Courseware, you should have been sent an email with the member portal login information. If you didn’t receive the email, then chances are the email got lost in SPAM. However, you can go to the member portal and attempt to retrieve your login information by clicking on the Forgot my password button. Be sure to enter the email address you used to purchase WP Courseware. If you don’t receive an email within 10 minutes, open up a support request via our ZenDesk support site.

Support Policies

We value our customers hence providing free updates for the life of the product.

We have chosen ZenDesk as our method and means of support. We ask that you DO NOT send email to us for support for 2 reasons:

  • Your email may get caught in a SPAM filter and we won’t receive it, and then we may be portrayed as ignoring you. We value our customers and certainly want you to know that you are valued, so we don’t want to miss any support requests that you have.
  • We tend to receive a lot of email in general and it’s possible that we miss an email or two. Again we don’t want you to think we are ignoring you. We make it a priority to check our support requests multiple times a day in ZenDesk. In fact it's known that we check ZenDesk more frequently than our own email.

Since we personally answer everyone’s support questions within ZenDesk, we have stated on our ZenDesk support page that we will answer your question within 24 hours of receiving the question, and it will be between the hours of 8AM to 5PM, Monday through Friday except major US holidays. We will occasionally answer questions over the weekend but we want to be clear about our commitment to you. We have families of our own and enjoy spending time with them too :-)

Once you submit your question via ZenDesk, we will respond to you. You will receive an email from ZenDesk. If you reply to the email, it’s the equivalent of responding via ZenDesk. In other words all responses via email will show up in our ZenDesk console.

One helpful feature about ZenDesk is that we have the ability to write and publish articles into the knowledge base. These articles address commonly asked questions and can answer your questions in a matter of minutes rather than submitting a question and waiting up to 24 hours for a response.

We have documentation located in a couple different locations.

  • Obviously extensive documentation is provided here in the codex.
  • ZenDesk knowledge base has various articles that may be helpful
  • Video documentation is located within the plugin. Simply navigate to "Documentation” section of the plugin for video documentation.
  • Lastly we have a YouTube channel that has all the video’s that are listed with in the plugin. Our YouTube channel is FlyPlugins

Personal Development Environments

Unfortunately we will not support any of our plugins if they are being used on a personal development environment (i.e. Utilizing XAMP, MAMP or any home server installation). There are way to many variables in play with Apache/MySQL/PHP or IIS/MySQL/PHP. All of our plugins are developed for the more current versions of Apache, MySQL and PHP which most hosted web services provide.


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