You have been directed to our site from a website known to distribute malware.


Nulled WordPress Plugins and Themes: You Get What You Pay For and a Few Things You Don't (Want)

Are you looking for NULLED, FREE, or DISCOUNTED versions of WP Courseware or S3 Media Maestro?

Known risk sites which distribute dangerous versions of unauthorized WordPress plugins are updated daily and listed at the bottom of this page. These sites have been known to modify and distribute plugins with malicious code.

Before you purchase a discounted version of a premium WordPress plugin, consider this...

Why would the site you just came from offer a plugin at a discounted rate or for free?

If the site is offering premium plugins for free, it's not likely that the site administrator is offering you a free plugin out of the goodness of his or her heart.

It takes money to pay for hosting a website so there is really nothing to benefit the site owner.

But what if I told you that the site administrator is inserting malware or perhaps viruses into the plugin before offering it to you for free?

It's true...malware, spyware, and viruses are all designed to either capture data or to deface your website. It's likely that the the former is true.

This could include things like your database password or your site's administrative password and they could potentially be compromised by using nulled plugin versions.

What if the site administrator is offering the plugin at a deep discount like 95% off?

What could be the motive there? Well, no one gets rich selling a $5 product which take tens of thousands of dollars to develop and support. It's more likely that the site owner of a cracked or nulled plugin/theme store has a much more valuable currency in mind...

The data from your website.

Who knows what payment information they are skimming or hijacking from you when you make purchases from card information, personal information, your customers''s all fair game if you're giving them the keys!

The reality is that purchasing a premium theme or plugin from a third-party piracy website will result in one or more of the following:

  • Your website will be hacked
  • Your website could be defaced
  • If you use payment gateways, they can siphon off unnoticeable percentages of your sales intermittently
  • Your database credentials can be compromised
  • Any data on your website can be compromised, including password and customer data

Those are the more serious issues, but there are other issues like:

  • You will not receive plugin updates when released
  • You will not receive plugin support

In the grand scheme of things these third-party sites are administered by internet thieves and hackers.

By downloading plugins and themes from them you are not only compromising your website and data, but you are also helping these hackers and thieves in their effort to steal from you and from plugin authors. Reputable companies within the WordPress community don't take someone else's work and sell it as their own. The true and lasting members of the WordPress community are committed to developing new ideas to help it grow and putting as much value into the community as they receive from it.

Obviously, you are looking for a deal, so we'd like to make you an offer. If you purchase from us, we will give you 40% off any one of our plugins. Simply click the button below and a coupon will automatically be applied to your cart upon checkout.

Let's walk the right path together.



Ben Arellano & Nate Johnson
Co-Founders, Fly Plugins

Please protect yourself and help us stop these internet thieves and hackers by not supporting them. Don't download nulled software and don't purchase premium plugins and themes from third-parties offering deep discounts.

Known Offenders - These sites have been verified as distributing dangerous versions of premium WordPress plugins.

Last risk assessment update: March 27th 2023 12:00AM

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