WP Courseware for Easy Digital Downloads Integration

Are you selling digital products with Easy Digital Downloads?

This free plugin seamlessly integrates Easy Digital Downloads and WP Courseware. When someone purchases an EDD product they will automatically get enrolled into a specified course or courses that are associated to the digital product.

How does it work?

The integration plugin is super easy to use and will take a few minutes to configure.

After you've created one or more digital products and one or more courses, then all you need to do is simply associate courses with the digital products.

Once this association is complete, the rest happens automatically. Customers will be enrolled automatically upon purchase of an associated product.

Can you retroactively enroll students into a new course?

What if someone has purchased a digital product, and you associate a new course to the product after the fact?

Not a problem! There is a retroactive enrollment function that will enroll students into the newly published course.


Is guest checkout supported?

No. An account must be created in order to enroll a student.

How do students view course after purchase.

We recommend setting up a course outline page using a shortcode. You can refer to our documentation on how to set up shortcodes.



Sell courses as digital products with Easy Digital Downloads.