WP Courseware for WooCommerce Integration

Are you selling products online with WooCommerce?

This free plugin seamlessly integrates WooCommerce and WP Courseware. When someone purchases a WooCommerce product they will automatically get enrolled into a specified course or courses that are associated to the product.

Is WooCommerce Subscriptions & Memberships supported?

Integration with WooCommerce Subscriptions and WooCommerce Memberships is supported. See the FAQ below for more details.

How does it work?

The integration plugin is super easy to use and will take a few minutes to configure.

After you've created one or more products with WooCommerce and one or more online courses with WP Courseware, then all you need to do is simply associate courses with products.

Once this association is complete, the rest happens automatically. Customers will be enrolled automatically upon purchase of an associated product.

How do students access the course once they make a purchase?

The courses can then be found on the My Account page. Each course is an expandable outline.

Can you retroactively enroll students into a new course?

What if someone has purchased a product, and you associate a new course to the product after the fact?

Not a problem! There is a retroactive enrollment function that will enroll students into the newly published course.


What if I've already manually enrolled some students?

No problem! If you've manually enrolled students or have performed a bulk enrollment, students will not lose access when purchasing additional courses. Please see FAQ about de-enrollment for more details.

Does this integration support guest checkout?

No. An account must be created in order to enroll a student.

Does this integration also work with WooCommerce Subscriptions?

YES! Basically, you can setup a product as a simple subscription and associate that product with a course or multiple courses. Everything else works the same. You can use variable subscriptions, but the course enrollment is based on the general product description, there isn't any way to apply an attribute to a particular course.

Does this integration also work with WooCommerce Memberships?

YES! However, memberships must be associated to products. Enrollment is still based on product sales.

Does WP Courseware ever de-enroll students?

There are various instances where WP Courseware will de-enroll a student.

  • If performing a retroactive enrollment and courses were deselected from the list, then students will be de-enrolled from all courses that were deselected.
  • If a student cancels a subscription or the subscription is expired, the student will be de-enrolled from the course(s) related to the subscription.
  • If a membership is canceled or expired, the student will be de-enrolled.

What happens when a subscription goes is on-hold?

If a subscription goes into an on-hold status, then the student remains enrolled, however, they won't be able to view course content. However, if there is a case where a student purchased a single product associated with a course, and that same course is also associated with a subscription (2 separate products), and the subscription is expired or canceled, the student will remain enrolled because of the singe product purchase.


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