Media Placement Shortcode Builder

Embedding video, audio, or download links with S3 Media Maestro is a breeze with its shortcode builder. Once S3 Media Maestro is installed and activated, the shortcode builder will be available from all of your WordPress posts and pages.

With the shortcode builder you can:

  • Select or create an S3 bucket
  • Select or upload files to S3
  • Browse your S3 file structures, easily moving up and down folder levels
  • Create playlists
  • Set expiration times for links
  • Set your player skin
  • Customize player dimensions
  • Customize auto-play, pre-load, default volume, and loop settings
  • Customize text for download links

Defaults for all of these settings can be applied within S3 Media Maestro's main settings page, but once you have your settings configured the way you want them the shortcode builder will place the media or download link right on your page just the way you want!

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Chris Lema

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