WP Courseware: The Perfect Muse?

Are you familiar with the 4 Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss?

I’m willing to bet that you’ve at least heard of the book and I’m sure that many of you have read it and as I have, maybe even more than once.

The title of the book is a little outlandish, but in the book, Tim outlines a lot of great strategies for what he calls “lifestyle design”. Essentially, he guides you through the process of thinking about the life you really want to be living and then finding a way to fund that lifestyle.

The text goes into great detail about separating yourself from “work for work’s sake” and finding business models that generate income independent of when or where they’re actually worked on.

In the book he calls these business models “muses”.

Some people refer to these as “passive income” business models, but the key ingredients are all the same:

You develop a business that generates income in a semi-automated manner and the income from that business is generated, again, independent of when or where you work on the business.

Sounds like a pipe dream, right?

Well, if you’ve purchased WP Courseware, I’m guessing you don’t think so. You probably already know that muses are completely possible to create and can provide recurring, passive income.

Why am I rambling on about this?

Because the first true “muse” that Ben and I created was a training course.

That’s right. We developed an online training course that delivers web-based, video training in a specific niche.

We invested a TON of time producing the content and building the site (the frustrating process that led to us build WP Courseware!), but it now just sits there generating income.

Students sign up, they go through the training that we created, learn what we have to teach, they move on with a new skill set, and we get paid.

In fact, we haven’t touched the site in months and it still earns revenue for us.

WP Courseware can help you create the perfect “muse” as well!

If you’re not using WP Courseware already, why not create a training course on a topic you know well? Whether you use video or text, you can use your knowledge to help others and get paid for it.

Our customers are using WP Courseware to teach training courses in dozens of different niches and industries. We can’t tell you how proud we are of some of them for the value they’re delivering to their students!

Now, if you need to charge for your training, how do you do it?

We’ve developed WP Courseware to integrate seamlessly with some of the top WordPress membership plugins on the market. They range from very simple to over-the-top complex, but all offer one basic function:

They allow you to charge your WordPress users prior to registering.

Once they pay, they can log in to your site and your WP Courseware training and get started on the content you have to offer while you collect recurring, passive revenue.

Again, there many of these membership plugins on the market and it seems a new one springs up each day.

WishList MemberIf you need a recommendation, we use WishList Member alongside WP Courseware for our training course. It offers a pretty robust feature set without being too complex and is also pretty affordable.

Most importantly, the guys over at WishList Member offer outstanding support and are always on top of the latest WordPress updates to ensure ongoing compatibility. Without these two factors, there’s no way we’d be passing on this recommendation to you as a valued member of our list.

So if you’re not already using WP Courseware to offer web-based training in your industry or niche, what are you waiting for? It could be your perfect “muse”!

As always, thanks for your continued support of Fly Plugins and WP Courseware. Without YOU, we’d never have been able to make WP Courseware the top plugin on the market for delivering training courses in WordPress.

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