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The first and most widely-trusted WordPress LMS plugin, WP Courseware makes course creation simple and fast with an intuitive, drag-and-drop course builder and all the features you need to create world-class courses.

We've been developing WordPress courseware longer than else.

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When we launched WP Courseware in 2012, it was the only WordPress LMS plugin on the market. And we've come a long way since then. Just to get acquainted, here's a look at WP Courseware by the numbers.

It's nice to meet you! We're here to help you create your online course with WordPress.









WP Courseware's ease of use and robust functionality have been trusted by some pretty big names.

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We're not bragging, but we are pretty proud of WP Courseware. They did it...and .


Over $4 million in lifetime course sales!


"I couldn't have done it without WP Courseware..."

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Why do some of the most successful WordPress-powered websites trust their training content to ?

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After cataloging over 25,000 feature requests during the last decade, we've listened. And we'd like to think we listen to our users pretty well.

We've built and continue to develop the core features of our WordPress LMS plugin around 4 components which are the key pillars to the success of our users when they're creating and selling online courses.

With WP Courseware, you'll have your course launched in .

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If you have a website, can upload videos, and you know your way around WordPress, you've got this.

Step 1: Install and Activate WP Courseware

Step 1: Install and Activate WP Courseware

Upload and activate WP Courseware just as you would with any WordPress plugin.

Step 2: Create a New Course

Step 2: Create a New Course

Give your course a title, description, and configure your course's settings.

Step 3: Add Content

Step 3: Add Content

Create new course lessons or convert existing WordPress content to WP Courseware units.

Step 4: Publish Your Course

Step 4: Publish Your Course

Once your course is ready to go live, place it anywhere on your WordPress website.

It would be impossible to list all of the features we've added over the last 10 years on this page...

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But here's a list of some of the features our users rely on most. And if you ever have an idea for functionality which our WP Courseware WordPress LMS plugin doesn't include, we'd be really happy to hear from you. We've meticulously logged every feature request we've received since 2012 and if your request is already on the list, it gets upvoted to help us plan our development roadmap.

  • Visual Course Builder

    Organize content and structure your course effectively with the most intuitive visual course builder for WordPress.

  • Multimedia Learning

    Create a media-rich learning environment for your students by embedding any type of content.

  • Unlimited Courses

    With WP Courseware, there are no limits to the number of courses you can create.

  • Unlimited Students

    WP Courseware allows you to host, manage, and evaluate an unlimited number of students.

  • Course Prerequisites

    Easily restrict course access to students who have completed previous courses.

  • Course Tracks

    Guide your students through a complete learning process across multiple courses.

  • Drip Content

    Schedule course content to be released by date or specific intervals from enrollment.

  • Instructor Roles

    Allow instructors to create, edit, and manage their courses without allowing extended back-end access.

  • Course Pages

    WP Courseware will automatically create course listings to display courses on the front-end of your site.

  • Course Classrooms

    A dedicated Classroom area is provided for each course for communicating with students, managing progress, and updating enrollments.

  • Assignment Uploads

    Allow students to upload assignments in formats you designate then review them when you're ready.

  • Lesson Downloads

    Allow students to download lesson content in any format, such as PDF, text, or media files.

  • Course Shortcodes

    Use the shortcode library to customize the placement of single courses, course listings, student dashboards, and more.

  • Course Widget

    Customize your course navigation and progress indicators with WP Courseware's widgets.

  • Visual Builder Blocks

    Customize the layout of your course lessons using WP Courseware's Gutenberg blocks builder.

  • Course Styling

    Customize any of WP Courseware's 22 front-end course display elements using the customizer.

  • Custom Messaging

    Easily customize front-end display messages and notifications for students.

  • Translation-Ready

    WP Courseware includes a default translation file to easily display all course elements in any language.

  • Student Self-Enrollment

    Allow your students to register for courses from anywhere on your site with the self-enrollment button.

  • Automatic Enrollment

    Automatically enroll new users into any WP Courseware course.

  • Bulk Enrollment

    Easily enroll large groups of students at once and create user accounts automatically.

  • Manual Enrollment

    WP Courseware includes several convenient options for manually enrolling students quickly on the fly.

  • Paid Enrollment

    Restrict access to users who paid for a course through WP Courseware's shopping cart or other e-commerce/membership plugin.

  • Duplicate Any Element

    Quickly create duplicate courses, modules, units, quizzes, or quiz questions with a single mouse click.

  • Course Import/Export

    Easily move entire courses or course components between WP Courseware-powered websites.

  • Responsive Courses

    Use WP Courseware with a responsive theme for course access on any device.

  • Use Any Theme

    WP Courseware can be used with any WordPress theme or page builder.

  • Built-In Shopping Cart

    WP Courseware includes complete shopping cart functionality to sell your courses.

  • Payment Support

    Use WP Courseware's integration with Stripe or PayPal to process your course purchases.

  • One-Time Pricing

    Charge a single, one-time fee to unlock lifetime access to any of your courses.

  • Payment Plans

    Charge for courses with any number of installment payments to increase sales.

  • Recurring Subscriptions

    Sell access to your course as a recurring subscription at any interval.

  • Free Courses

    Offer free courses as a lead magnet or to promote paid courses.

  • Memberships

    Combine courses with non-course content to create membership plans.

  • Course Bundles

    Offer special pricing for groups of courses purchased together.

  • Coupon Codes

    Promote your course and increase sales with fixed or percentage discount codes.

  • Transaction Reporting

    Track purchases of your courses with the sales reporting dashboard.

  • Automated Emails

    WP Courseware automatically emails transaction information to you and your customer.

  • Shopping Cart Pages

    All of the pages needed to sell your courses are created automatically.

  • GDPR-Compliant

    WP Courseware conforms to all current European Union privacy standards.

  • Use Any Currency

    WP Courseware allows you to price your course using any currency.

  • True/False Questions

    Include simple true/false questions within your quizzes with automated grading.

  • Multiple Choice

    Multiple choice questions can be automatically graded and answer choices can be randomized.

  • Open-Ended Entry

    Create text-entry style questions with an option to customize the answer field size to guide answer length.

  • File Uploads

    Require file submissions for complex learning topics and set acceptable file types.

  • Question Bank

    All questions are added to the question bank for use in multiple quizzes and randomization.

  • Question Tags

    Tagging questions allows you to display a randomized number of questions related to a specific topic.

  • Quiz Randomization

    Randomize questions and/or answer choices on each quiz retake to enhance learning retention.

  • Answer Hints

    Use answer hints to guide your students toward the correct answer to a question.

  • Quiz Timers

    Set a specified amount of time that students are allowed to use for a quiz attempt.

  • Retake Limits

    Indicate how many attempts a student is allowed to use to achieve a passing grade.

  • Require Pass Score

    Set a passing score which will be required before a student can progress in the course.

  • Manual Progress

    Allow a student to progress even if they fail to achieve a passing score with exhausted retakes.

  • Automated Feedback

    Customize automated feedback messages based on the student's quiz score.

  • Manual Feedback

    Instructors can craft personalized feedback for each individual student answer.

  • Automated Grading

    True/false and multiple choice questions require no manual grading by the instructor.

  • Automated Emails

    Automated emails can be customized for individual quiz attempts and final cumulative grades.

  • Question Import

    Import quiz questions from other sources, including question, question type, answer choices, and correct answers.

  • Course Gradebook

    The course gradebook provides high-level student performance views and granular quiz details.

  • Gradebook Export

    Export all of a course's quiz performance data for use in other software applications.

  • Student Dashboard

    Convenient access to course outlines, payment history, account details, and more.

  • Progress Reporting

    Keep track of the progress of your students as they move through courses.

  • Progress Exporting

    Export student progress details for use in other software or reports.

  • Course Classrooms

    Use each course's Classroom page to send student communications and track progress.

  • Automated Emails

    Configure and customize automated emails triggered by specific course events.

  • Certificate Builder

    WP Courseware includes the most powerful custom certificate builder on the market.

  • Achievements

    Award achievements based on specific course events to increase engagement.

  • Email Integrations

    Send student enrollments to popular email marketing services for ongoing engagement.

  • In-Lesson Notes

    Allow students to record notes within your lessons for later review.

Grow your online course empire with our library of integrations.

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Dozens of integrations are already available between our WP Courseware WordPress LMS plugin and other services, software, and WordPress plugins to help you automate the way you sell and manage your courses. And we're continually adding to this list to give you more control and flexibility as a course creator.

And we're not here to simply sell you a WordPress plugin.

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We truly believe that we can help make the world a better place in some small way by helping our users share knowledge across geographical and cultural boundaries, while at the same time empowering them to generate income from their knowledge instead of earning money based on a fixed amount of time.

We've developed a lot of additional resources to try to ensure that your success is the true measure of our success. When you purchase our WP Courseware WordPress LMS plugin, you'll have access to these resources...













Celebrating a decade in business by putting our course creators first.

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Have a question? Great! We have answers.

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Can I try WP Courseware before purchasing?

Absolutely! We do have a fully functioning demo site where you can register, log in, and then navigate three sample courses just as a student would.

Do I have to renew each year for WP Courseware to work?

You can still utilize the plugin if your license lapses, but we do strongly recommend renewing to ensure that you receive useful feature updates, bug fixes, security patches, ongoing compatibility with the WordPress core code, and product support. With so many themes and plugins continually being updated and frequent WordPress core releases, eventually outdated versions of the plugin will cease to work properly.

Can I upgrade my license level after purchase?

Certainly! Just log into our member portal, navigate to the Licenses menu item, and click on View Upgrades. From there you can upgrade your license for simply the difference in price.

Can I use WP Courseware with any theme or page builder?

You sure can! So far, we have not come across any WordPress themes that WP Courseware won’t work with. If for any reason it doesn’t work with your theme, we will work with you to ensure it does!

Do you offer a single-site license?

Currently, the two-site license is our lowest license level. Most of our customers have a development, testing, or staging site in addition to their live production site, so we added an additional license key activation to our single-site license price to prevent customers from having to buy a second license just for development purposes.

Does WP Courseware require a membership or e-commerce plugin?

No, there are no additional plugins necessary. WP Courseware includes payment gateway support, a built-in shopping cart with a variety of payment and pricing options, and even membership functionality.

Does WP Courseware support webinars or live training?

At the moment, WP Courseware itself does not include built-in webinar functionality. However, the course units are simply WordPress posts, so you can embed any content that you'd normally place within other WordPress posts or pages. Most webinar services have a free WordPress plugin to allow you to embed sessions into WordPress content. There are even free third-party plugins in the WordPress.org plugin repository such as this one which we've successfully used to embed Zoom calls in our own course content.

Does WP Courseware support SCORM or xAPI content?

Yes! We support SCORM, xAPI (or the Tin Can API), cmi5 and Advanced Video Tracking through the GrassBlade LRS integration.

Have a question that isn't listed here?

No problem! Head on over to our Questions page to send us a message and we'll be happy to help! We usually respond within a few hours.

Join who trust their training to WP Courseware!

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Simply select a license level which meets your needs below and we'll instantly send you the best WordPress LMS plugin on the market!


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If for some reason WP Courseware's powerful course creation functionality isn't for you, it's backed by a 30-day, no questions asked money back guarantee.

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