Built-In Shopping Cart

WP Courseware includes full shopping cart functionality, allowing you to simply enter your PayPal or Stripe account details and begin charging for your courses right away!

You can choose to sell your courses:

  • For a one-time fee
  • As a recurring subscription (monthly, annually, etc.)
  • Allow free access

Once someone purchases your course(s) a new student account will be automatically created for them, as well as a student dashboard where they can access courses, review their purchases, and manage their subscriptions.

As the administrator, you can log in at any time to view transactions, take a look at your course sales using the reporting options, process refunds, and much, much more.

WP Courseware also handles all of the emails related to course purchases...automagically! It can be configured to send you and your students purchase confirmations, new user account details, subscription payments notices, failed subscription payment notices, and more.

“No WordPress LMS plugin compares to the ease and speed that WP Courseware offers people when setting up online courses.”

Chris Lema

Author, Speaker, & e-Learning Expert