Online Course Email Notifications

Automation is a wonderful thing! With WP Courseware's wide range of configurable automated email notifications, you can sit back and let your course run itself!

WP Courseware currently includes the following email notifications:

  • Course Unit Drip - When a course unit becomes available the student can receive a notification that the unit is now available.
  • Module Completion - When a student completes a module they will receive this notification.
  • Course Completion - When a course is completed your students will receive this notification.
  • Quiz Results - When a quiz has been completed and graded, the student will receive this email.
  • Final Summary - This email notification will only get sent to students once they have completed a course and all quizzes have been graded. It is highly configurable to ensure that you can send any final information you need.
  • Custom Feedback Messages - These messages can be configured to be sent with unique messaging when a student scores above or below a predetermined quiz grade.

Each email template allows for the use of merge tags which can be implemented to display specific course details any place within a message.

Each email notification type can be disabled as well. Administrators can control which emails are sent to students throughout the course.

When a quiz has been submitted and it requires manual grading by an instructor, an email notification will immediately be sent to the instructor so that students aren't left waiting for quiz results.

Finally, if a student reaches a quiz retake limit which was previously set by an instructor, the instructor can be notified via email so that a student can either be allowed more quiz attempts or allowed to progress without further quiz attempts.

“No WordPress LMS plugin compares to the ease and speed that WP Courseware offers people when setting up online courses.”

Chris Lema

Author, Speaker, & e-Learning Expert