Student Grade Book

When you create a course with WP Courseware, a new Grade Book is automatically generated for your course.

The Grade Book provides a simple way to:

  • View each student's progress through the course
  • Access each student's quiz details
  • Check overall cumulative grades for a course's students

There is also an option to send out an email notification to students who have completed the course. This email notification is highly configurable and can include details such as:

  • Student name
  • Instructor name
  • Course title
  • Course website
  • Individual quiz summaries
  • Cumulative course grade
  • Course certificate link
  • And more...

And when a student takes a quiz which requires an instructor to grade it, the Grade Book provides easy access to a report of any pending quizzes so that they can be scored by the instructor.

“No WordPress LMS plugin compares to the ease and speed that WP Courseware offers people when setting up online courses.”

Chris Lema

Author, Speaker, & e-Learning Expert