Are you going to be offering your course as part of a monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription package for premium content? Or perhaps you need to be able to allow your customers to purchase your course over several payments to entice them to buy?

WP Courseware makes selling your course(s) as a recurring subscription a breeze!

Simply connect your PayPal or Stripe account to WP Courseware, choose a subscription interval, set a price for the recurring payments, and WP Courseware handles the rest.

WP Courseware will handle account creation upon payment, send your customer their account details, and even create a student dashboard for them where they can access the courses they've purchased, view their course progress, review any past course purchases they've made, see all of their recurring payment history, and manage their subscription(s).

The plugin can also be configured to send emails about upcoming recurring subscription payments, subscription payments that have been processed, and it can even send failed subscription payment notices to let your customers know that they're at risk of losing access to their course(s).

“No WordPress LMS plugin compares to the ease and speed that WP Courseware offers people when setting up online courses.”

Chris Lema

Author, Speaker, & e-Learning Expert