Selling Courses with WooCommerce Is a Breeze!

selling courses with woocommerce

Selling Courses with WooCommerce is one of my favorite ways to sell online courses. WooCommerce was one of the first e-commerce plugins for WordPress, introduced in 2011. WooCommerce was immediately a hit within the WordPress community. As you may know, WooCommerce was acquired by Automattic in May of 2015 and is continually being improved. Selling courses with…

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6 Ways to Repurpose Your Course Content

repurpose your course content

Creating an online course is not an easy task, but once the hard work is done you can leverage your course in multiple ways by repurposing your course content. When I created my very first online video course back in 2010, I easily spent at least 100 hours shooting video, editing video, creating action guides,…

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Set A Unique Selling Proposition (USP) For Your Online Course

Your unique selling proposition is what makes your course different from every other course which teaches a learning outcome similar to yours. Your USP is what sets you apart. We’ve worked with thousands of course creators over the last five years. And while some of them have been lucky enough to launch wildly successful and…

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How to Make Money Selling Online Courses

If you’re considering profiting from your knowledge and learning how to make money selling online courses, these strategies will help you discover a monetization method which fits with your content and your prospective customer. If you want to leverage the power of your knowledge and existing content and you are interested in how to make…

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How to create Facebook Ads for Online Courses

As more and more people turn to online courses and e-learning platforms, it’s critical for creators and educators to have a marketing strategy to promote their offerings and reach their audience. One of the most effective ways to do that is through Facebook ads. With over 3 billion monthly active users, Facebook offers cost-effective, objective-based…

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Writing Learning Objectives In 3 Simple Steps

Writing Learning Objectives

Writing learning objectives is critical to creating an online course that produces results…and sales. Article Resources *Download this guide as a PDF “Begin with the end in mind.“ If you’ve read Steven Covey’s wildly successful book The 7 Habits of Highly of Highly Effective People, you’ve heard this statement before. It’s the second cornerstone habit…

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Online Course Idea Validation – The Ultimate Guide

Have an online course idea in mind? Online courses are a great vehicle for creating passive income, but how can you validate your idea to be certain it’s worth the effort? Article Resources My journey as an online entrepreneur began with a book. No, it wasn’t kickstarted by reading some wannabe make money online guru’s…

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How to Sell Video Courses Online The Right Way

man creating online video course

In recent years, video courses have surged in popularity as an effective way to deliver engaging and interactive online learning experiences. With advancements in technology and the increasing demand for flexible education options, video courses have become a preferred medium for both educators and learners. In this article, we’ll explore the nuances of selling video…

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Best Healthcare LMS for the Medical Industry

In today’s evolving healthcare landscape, continuous learning and professional development are paramount. That’s where a Healthcare Learning Management System (LMS) comes in. A Healthcare LMS is a powerful tool designed specifically for the medical industry to facilitate online training, education, and performance management. Let’s explore the features and benefits of a Healthcare LMS and delve…

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