S3 Media Maestro

S3 Media Maestro is an HTML5 media player with Amazon S3 link protection

Encryption and Protection Features

  • Encrypt & Protect video to prevent internet sharing
  • Encrypt & Protect audio to prevent internet sharing
  • Encrypt documents (PDF, Word, etc.), to prevent internet sharing
  • Protect all content hosted on Amazon S3
  • Customize link expiration time

Media Player Features

  • Built-in media player with HTML5 support for iDevices
  • Flash “fall-forward” support for non-HTML5 compatible browsers
  • Customize player dimensions
  • Responsive player
  • Customize player skin
  • Pre-load and auto-play media files
  • Loop audio and video media

Usability Features

  • Easily place media with [shortcode]
  • Built-in [shortcode] generator to easily set all parameters
  • Display custom anchor text for document links
  • Set default Amazon S3 bucket to quickly grab file links

What S3 Media Maestro
Does for Digital Marketers

You have content to share with your customers in the form of video, audio, documents, and other digital downloads.

You want to display your content across multiple platforms, including popular flash-based iDevices.

You need to protect your valuable investment in your digital content and prevent the sharing of links

S3 Media Maestro handles it all for you with ease. Media player. Content protection. Across browsers and devices.