The Ultimate Amazon S3 Media Management & Delivery Plugin for WordPress

It's your media. Shouldn't you have ultimate control of it?

s3 media maestro for AWS

Why Chose S3 Media Maestro To Protect Your Content?

  • Leverage the power of the most Robust Media Delivery Service in the world...Amazon Web Services

  • Ensure that your valuable video or audio is protected from unauthorized sharing or downloads

  • World-class support from one of the leading WordPress plugin companies for a decade

  • Manage all of your s3-hosted media and files right from within your WordPress dashboard

  • A flawless media playback experience no matter where your customers are or what language they speak

s3 video delivery

The Perfect Plugin for Anyone Delivering Media Content with WordPress

The Most Feature-Rich Amazon S3 Plugin for WordPress

S3 Media Maestro is packed with features to help you manage, display, and protect your valuable Amazon S3-hosted content...all without ever leaving the WordPress dashboard.

Deep AWS S3 Integration

Upload your media to Amazon S3 right from WordPress. You can even manage S3 buckets and folders.

AWS CloudFront Integration

Use Amazon's CloudFront content delivery network (CDN) to deliver your media at lightning speed...globally!

AWS Transcoder Integration

Automatically transcode your videos into multiple resolutions. The magic all happens upon upload!

HTML 5 Video Player

The MediaElements JS player looks great on both desktop and mobile devices. It's also the official player of WordPress!

Closed Captioning

Add closed captioning to your videos with a simple VTT file. You can even add multiple languages to the same video.

Link Expiration

Set a link expiration time to secure video and audio files, preventing hotlinking or internet sharing with unauthorized users.

Link Encryption

S3 Media Maestro creates encrypted links to your media, preventing files from being directly accessed.

WP Courseware Integration

Set watch requirements in your course units with WP Courseware. You can even auto-complete units when videos end.

Multiple File Types

S3 Media Maestro will support MP4, FLV, OGV, WEBM, WMV video types, however, for best results please use MP4 (h.264).

Easy Media Placement

Just click and drag your media player into WordPress pages and posts with the built-in shortcode builder.

Media from Any Source

If you don't need expiring, encrypted links to your content, you can embed media from any video link or source.

Protect Audio and Files

S3 Media Maestro can be used to play and protect audio and downloadable files hosted on Amazon S3.

Prevent Downloading

S3 Media Maestro's player prevents simple "right click save as" downloading of your valuable media files.

Embed and Protect Your Media with a Few Simple Steps

  • Step 1

First, you'll record and edit your video or audio using any software or equipment you prefer. And remember...have some fun with it! Your customers will enjoy some entertainment.

video editing
upload video to s3
  • Step 2

Next, upload your media to Amazon Web Services S3 using S3 Media Maestro. This is where you'll have the option to choose whether or not you need your media automatically transcoded into different resolutions also...super easy!

  • Step 3

Third, use S3 Media Maestro to easily drop your content and media player into any WordPress post or page using the shortcode builder. You will have the option to serve the video via CloudFront for blazing fast speed. You'll also be able to configure the size and look of the player and also the player controls and closed-captioning, if needed.

embed s3 video
deliver video with cloudfront
  • Step 4

Last, but not least...sit back and relax knowing that your customers have access to a fast, responsive media experience and that your valuable media content is protected. It's a win-win!

Manage and Protect your AWS S3 content today!

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