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7 WordPress Training Resources You Need to Know About

Fumbling around with WordPress can be daunting in the beginning, however, these WordPress training resources can greatly lessen the learning curve for new users of the world’s most popular content management system.

I can remember it like it was yesterday. Three things happened around 2009 which all culminated in me becoming deeply embedded in the WordPress ecosystem.

  • I had decided that I was ready to move on from a corporate job due to burnout.
  • A life coach had given me a copy of The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss which I proceeded to read three times over.
  • I decided that my true passion was digital product creation, so I was determined to find a path to location and time independence by producing website content (blogs, courses, or information products).

But I had a problem…

Although I’d built an occasional website with HTML beginning 15 years ago, I needed to spend my time and energy building an income…not coding websites.

After trying some of the major online website builders which were available at the time, I felt completely limited by what I could create and test as business concepts. There were times that I was trying to validate product ideas with a simple three or four page site with one of these services and I simply did not have the flexibility or control of the content to achieve what I wanted.

Fortunately, after enrolling in a number of courses related to online entrepreneurship and digital product creation, I realized they were all saying the same thing…

Just stick to WordPress.

Fast forward to today and WordPress has become a massive part of my life. I co-founded a company to begin creating WordPress plugins, I’ve travelled around the country to attend WordPress-related conferences, and I’ve developed amazing personal relationships within the community for which I’ll be forever grateful.

However, I, like many of our WP Courseware and S3 Media Maestro users, had to start somewhere.

WordPress is a fantastic content management system to run your website on and now powers around 40% of all sites around the globe. It’s simple to change the look and feel of your site with themes, easy to extend functionality with plugins, and updating content like website pages or blog posts is simple for even non-techies.

But getting your first business or website up and running with WordPress, well, let’s just say there’s a learning curve that we’ve all had to climb.

In this article, we wanted to provide a list of some of our favorite WordPress training resources to make that learning curve more manageable.

WordPress Training Resource #1: WP Apprentice

Kirk Biglione has been developing client sites for years and in his role at Oxford Media Works, he eventually made the transition to WordPress as his chosen platform for web development.

We’ve covered Kirk’s site, WP Apprentice, in one of our WP Courseware user case studies. It’s a fantastic resource for anyone who needs a primer on how to get started with WordPress.

There are a number of video courses available, however, Kirk not only covers WordPress fundamentals but also digs deep into topics such as finding hosting for WordPress and installing WordPress.

You can access most of Kirk’s WordPress training video tutorials for free!

These lessons are very thorough and helpful if you are just getting started with WordPress.

WordPress Training Resource #2: WP Sessions

WP Sessions is a membership based platform that provides advanced WordPress courses focused on web developers who work with WordPress. Members gain access to over 269 hours of exclusive training content from WordPress experts who cover various topics like plugin and theme development, performance, client services, and more. New sessions and courses are regularly added to the growing library for members to enjoy.

With a monthly subscription of $29, members can access all training content and enjoy exclusive discounts on other sites. Alternatively, members can opt for the yearly subscription of $299 to gain master-level skills and an additional WordPress Website Mastery bonus course. They also get immediate access to all 269 hours of training, can permanently download all training, and receive personalized guidance on what to learn next.

WP Sessions assures members of their commitment to enriching their WordPress-related knowledge by providing expert guidance from seasoned WordPress developers who have been where they’re heading. With an intuitive membership interface, members can watch or listen to training sessions at their convenience, download them for offline viewing anytime and benefit from an array of exclusive discounts on useful products and services. Members have the flexibility to switch between monthly and annual billing at any time.

If you’re looking to improve your WordPress development skills, sharpen your knowledge, and stay ahead of the curve, WP Sessions is the platform to consider. Investing in WP Sessions’ membership means better code, better projects, and better opportunities for your WordPress development career.

WordPress Training Resource #3: WP 101

We first met Shawn Hesketh during one of our annual trips to the Pressnomics conference which was held in Phoenix for several years. He’s not only an incredibly genuine guy with a true love for the WordPress community, but he also “accidentally” created one of the first and largest WordPress training libraries called WP 101.

After spending a few years developing sites for clients which were built on WordPress, he realized that requests from clients to help them update their own sites began eating into his billable time. And as with most great business ideas, a problem lead to an opportunity.

Shawn began creating a video library so that his web design clients could help themselves with minor updates to their WordPress-powered site. And WP 101 was born.

This is another paid/premium training offering. But at $49 per year for unlimited access to all of the outstanding WordPress training they’ve produced over the years, it’s a no-brainer. Plus, they boast over 2 million clients since they launched…that’s quite the testimonial.

WP 101 not only offers generalized crash course overviews of WordPress usage, but also courses in specific functionality related to popular plugins such as WooCommerce and Ninja Forms.

WordPress Training Resource #4: WP Beginner

Everyone on our team has been a struggling first-time entrepreneur at some point, so we certainly understand that even a $49 or $99 investment can be a stretch when there are so many other costs associated with starting your own website, blog, or business.

That being said, premium paid membership options such as WP Sessions or WP 101 aren’t your only options. Several years ago, our friend Syed Balkhi created an incredibly helpful WordPress tutorial and news site called WP Beginner.

And guess what? All of the content is free!

If you’re a complete newbie to WordPress, it’s a bit more difficult to piece together exactly what you need to walk through to build your first site with a free WordPress training site like WP Beginner. Membership sites such as WP Sessions and WP 101 offer a clear cut path for those building their first WordPress site.

WordPress Training Resource #5: Udemy

Udemy’s course catalog is a goldmine for anyone looking to dive into WordPress, regardless of their skill level. For beginners who are just starting their WordPress journey, there are a plethora of courses specifically designed to provide a solid foundation. These courses cover everything from setting up your WordPress site to navigating the user-friendly interface and creating your first blog or website. With step-by-step guidance and clear explanations, these courses ensure that beginners can quickly get up to speed and start building their online presence with confidence.

Udemy also caters to those who are seeking more advanced WordPress knowledge. For users who have already mastered the basics, Udemy offers a wide range of courses that dive deeper into the intricacies of WordPress development, theme customization, plugin creation, and advanced site optimization techniques. These courses are taught by seasoned WordPress professionals who share their insider tips and tricks, empowering learners to take their WordPress skills to the next level and unlock the full potential of the platform.

When it comes to the prices of Udemy’s WordPress courses, they can vary depending on the course and the instructor. The prices range from $49.99 to $119.99, with occasional discounts or promotions that can further reduce the prices. The course prices are set by the instructors, taking into account the content, depth of knowledge, and value they provide.

WordPress Training Resource #6: Meetup

Meetup groups for WordPress are a treasure trove of knowledge and support for individuals at every stage of their WordPress journey. These groups serve as vibrant communities where beginners can find guidance, learn best practices, and troubleshoot challenges with the help of experienced users. The friendly and inclusive nature of these meetups creates a welcoming environment for newcomers to ask questions, share their experiences, and gain confidence in navigating the world of WordPress. Whether it’s understanding the basics of setting up a WordPress site or grasping essential concepts like themes, plugins, and SEO, these groups offer invaluable assistance to beginners, often providing hands-on workshops and tutorials.

Moreover, advanced WordPress users can also benefit significantly from Meetup groups. These gatherings provide a platform for seasoned professionals to exchange cutting-edge insights, discuss advanced techniques, and explore the latest trends in WordPress development. It’s a place where developers and experts can engage in thought-provoking discussions, share their success stories, and stay ahead of the curve with the ever-evolving WordPress ecosystem. By connecting with like-minded individuals and industry leaders, advanced users can gain fresh perspectives, refine their skills, and address complex challenges more effectively.

In essence, Meetup groups for WordPress act as supportive ecosystems where knowledge flows freely, and everyone, regardless of their expertise, has the opportunity to grow and thrive within the vibrant WordPress community. Whether you’re just starting out or seeking to master advanced concepts, these groups provide an invaluable platform for learning, networking, and staying abreast of the latest developments in the WordPress universe.

WordPress Training Resource #7: WordCamp

WordPress camps are like immersive learning experiences that offer a deep dive into everything WordPress. These camps bring together WordPress enthusiasts, developers, designers, and beginners in a collaborative environment that fosters knowledge sharing and skill building. Whether you’re looking to take your first steps into the world of WordPress or aiming to enhance your existing skills, these camps provide a perfect blend of structured learning sessions, hands-on workshops, and networking opportunities.

Attending a WordPress camp allows you to learn directly from industry experts, participate in interactive sessions, and gain valuable insights into the latest trends and best practices in WordPress development. By immersing yourself in this focused learning environment, you can accelerate your learning curve, troubleshoot real-time challenges, and cultivate a supportive network of like-minded individuals who share your passion for WordPress. Whether you want to master the basics, explore advanced techniques, or spark your creativity with new ideas, WordPress camps offer a dynamic and engaging platform to deepen your understanding and expand your skills in the ever-evolving WordPress ecosystem.

Obviously you can likely find a ton of information by just doing a Google search or looking for tutorial videos on YouTube, however, I highly recommend the in person and interactive resources like Meetups and WordCamps, because you will not only learn about WordPress, buy you will make connections with others and find even more resources. They are truly a great experience, not only will you walk away with some new WordPress nuggets but you’ll likely make a new friend.

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