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Why Chose WP Courseware WordPress LMS Plugin?

Easy To Use

The course builder for WP Courseware makes it super easy to create your online course. It's as easy as drag and drop!

All-In-One Solution

Sell online courses by receiving payments with PayPal or credit card. Also, protect your content with membership functionality, no need for a separate plugin.


WP Courseware integrates with many other plugins for extended functionality. You can see a list of WP Courseware integrations here.

World-class Support

Our goal is to make you succeed! We understand its frustrating when things don't work. Our goal is to get you back up and running as fast as possible.

Who uses WP Courseware?

Online Course Creators

Teachers & Tutors

Coaches & Trainers

Entrepreneurs, Consultants & Professionals

Education Institutions & Businesses

Universities, Colleges, Schools, Academies

Teachers & Administrators

Learning and Development, IT Departments, Human Resources

Awesome People!

Bloggers & Vloggers

Subject Matter Experts



WP Courseware's Powerful WordPress LMS Features


Build your course with a simple drag-and-drop course builder interface. Your course will be laid out in minutes. Build and configure your course in a matter of minutes!


Reward your students with downloadable and customizable PDF certificates of course completion.


Want to engage your students with video courses? WP Courseware is compatible with your video hosting solution of choice — YouTube, Wistia, Vimeo, or S3 Media Maestro.


It’s super easy to take payments! Bundle courses, take one-time payments, charge subscriptions, receive payments in installments. Receive payments via PayPal or credit card with Stripe. No extra plugins required!


Treat course enrollment like a membership! Protect pages & posts based on student course enrollment. Now you can add additional value to your online courses with membership content. Just another way to make money!


WP Courseware integrates directly with WooCommerce so that you can sell online courses along with your wares or other digital downloads. This includes WooCommerce Subscriptions, WooCommerce Memberships and Teams for Memberships.


Engage and challenge your students with quizzes. WP Courseware has blocking quizzes (requires passing grade to progress) and non-blocking quizzes as well as surveys. Manage quizzes with the built-in grade book.


WP Courseware includes 7 popular question types: Multiple Choice, True/False, Open Ended, File Upload, Sorting, Matrix Sorting and Fill-in-the-blank questions types. The File Upload and Open Ended questions must be manually graded.


Give your students an excellent learning experience by enhancing their retention with drip. Time the release of your course content to students based on calendar date or time interval from enrollment date. You can also require students to complete course units before progressing to next unit.


Give your students tools to help them succeed. WP Courseware includes a built-in notes feature so that your students can easily take notes while taking your online course.


Motivate your students by gamifying your online course. You can award points and badges and display the results on a leader board.


Make any WordPress user an instructor. The instructor role allows instructors to create, edit, and manage their courses and students.


WP Courseware integrates with many popular WordPress membership and e-commerce plugins. For a full list of integrations, checkout the integration list.


Run your course on autopilot! WP Courseware will send notifications and emails to your students.


Enjoy one low annual license fee. No hefty monthly fees. No revenue sharing. Unlike many LMS platforms, you KEEP EVERYTHING YOU EARN.

success story

$1 million in course sales in 18 months!

Caitlin Pyle began exploring a work-from-home strategy while working a corporate marketing job. After growing that part-time income to full-time, she realized there was the potential to teach others all she had learned. She now travels full-time and generated over $1 million in sales with her favorite WordPress LMS, WP Courseware in 18 months.

Start earning money online today with WP Courseware WordPress LMS!

Chris Lema WordPress LMS

"No WordPress LMS solution compares to the ease and speed that WP Courseware offers people when setting up online courses."

Chris Lema - Author, Speaker, and e-Learning Expert. 

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