IT’S YOUR CLASSROOM. Shouldn’t YOU make the rules?

WP Courseware for WordPress — EVERY TOOL YOU NEED to create an online course. All in ONE SIMPLE PACKAGE at ONE LOW PRICE.

Join 21,883 HAPPY COURSE CREATORS and BE THE BOSS in your own classroom with WP Courseware. With WP Courseware, you’re free to make your own rules because:

  • You’re plugged into the incredible FLEXIBILITY of WordPress.

  • WP Courseware has GOT YOUR BACK. No one has been developing WordPress courseware longer than we have.

Thousands of people choose to BUILD PROFITABLE ONLINE COURSES using WP Courseware. With WP Courseware you:

  • Grow your e-learning business on YOUR TERMS.

  • Have ALL THE FEATURES YOU NEED right from the start. There are NO UNEXPECTED EXPENSES for extra features down the line.

  • Pay ONE LOW PRICE whether you’re starting with one signature course or building an online learning empire.

"An audience we could have never reached otherwise..."


With WP Courseware, we’ve been able to easily build and sell courses to a massive audience we could have never reached otherwise.

Dillon Smith (Carey's Content Manager)
Carey Nieuwhof's High Impact Leader, Church Growth MasterClass, Art of Better Preaching

A courseware partner WORKING FOR YOU

Running courses on your own website with WP Courseware means YOU ARE NOT LIMITED to a “plan.” (How can you know what features you might need before you start?)

With WP Courseware you get ALL OUR FEATURES for ONE LOW PRICE. You won’t purchase the software only to find out the features you need are locked in a more expensive package. Never worry about unexpected costs because we have NO EXPENSIVE “EXTRAS.”

Also, there’s NO REVENUE SHARING. WP Courseware is ALL YOURS for a FLAT FEE. You KEEP EVERYTHING YOU EARN. When you take charge of your own website, there’s no one skimming 50% or more off your hard-earned course sales.

On your own website, you don’t have to worry about INFLATED “PROCESSING” FEES for credit cards. There’s NO WAITING 30 DAYS TO GET PAID. Just click to connect WP Courseware to your free Stripe or PayPal account. WP Courseware will handle the technical details and PayPal and Stripe PAY DIRECTLY INTO YOUR ACCOUNT.

With WP Courseware, you’re also making the smart decision to INVEST IN YOUR OWN BRAND. Why should your hard work build someone else’s business?

WP Courseware WordPress LMS Course Builder Courses

With WP Courseware:

Your marketing dollars are an investment in YOUR REPUTATION. You’re not giving free publicity to anyone else.

Your investment will INCREASE YOUR GOOGLE RANKING, not someone else’s, giving you an asset that GROWS IN VALUE OVER TIME.

No one can POACH YOUR STUDENTS. When you run your own website, you’re the only one who can make offers to your students.

"WP Courseware made my life a lot easier."


"WP Courseware has made my life a lot easier. I'm a big fan of the plugin."

Mitch Bowler
Pencil Kings Art Academy

Changing lives for course creators since 2012

WP Courseware was the FIRST ONLINE COURSE PLUGIN for WordPress. Since we launched in 2012, WP Courseware has been the foundation that countless course creators have relied on to TURN KNOWLEDGE INTO INCOME.

As a course builder, you’ll benefit from our THOUSANDS OF DEVELOPMENT HOURS. We’ve spent years perfecting WP Courseware by LISTENING TO FEEDBACK and ADDING FEATURES requested by course creators just like you.


Our online course success stories include Joseph Michael, who makes $40,000 a month teaching writers about a little-known piece of software.

Joseph Michael


And then there’s David Risley, who has taught more than 15,000 students how to blog their way to financial success.

David Risley


But our favorite story is Caitlin Pyle. That’s not because she’s already made $4 million from her online course. Caitlin’s our favorite success story because of the funny way she got into building her teaching empire. But more about Caitlin in a minute...

Caitlin Pyle

Why WP Courseware?

There are three routes you can take to turn your course idea into a livable income.

1. Share the stage and hand over profits on someone else’s terms

There are marketplaces that collect as many online courses as possible, providing their course software “for free.” In return, the marketplace MAKES THE RULES and TAKES 50% OF COURSE SALES (or more).

Those marketplaces will also SPOTLIGHT YOUR COMPETITORS even when you are responsible for bringing a student to the marketplace.

It’s a trap. These marketplaces make it easy to sign up because they want to add new courses. However, the marketplaces DON’T CARE whether the customers you bring buy your course or someone else’s. The marketplace makes money either way.

To maximize their sales, the marketplaces will showcase the best-selling courses (generally the cheapest courses). That means your potential students will be encouraged to check out your better-selling competitors. It doesn’t matter if it was YOUR MARKETING DOLLARS that brought the student into the marketplace.

To get the marketplace to feature your course, you’ll have to enter a DEATH SPIRAL to the LOWEST PRICE.

Free hosting and software look great until you’re earning just $9.99 per sale to cover your hard work and marketing expenses ($4.99 after the marketplace takes its cut).

2. “Done for you” (as a tenant, not a landlord)

Hosted solutions make a seductive promise: everything “done for you.” They say your website is basically already set up. They say all you need to do is flick the switch. But that switch is a HEFTY MONTHLY FEE (that you start paying even before your course is launched).

And that monthly fee GOES UP if:

  • You want more features (e.g. the features you really need).
  • You want better terms (e.g. not waiting 30 days for your money).
  • You want to promote your own brand ( instead of theirs (

With a hosted solution, you’ll always be A TENANT, NOT A LANDLORD. You might be able to change the drapes, but the structure belongs to someone else.

The only way to have your own website is to...have your own website. That way, you’re not RESTRICTED BY RULES or worried that the RULES COULD CHANGE OVERNIGHT.

If you’re not the one making the rules, you’re farming someone else’s land on their terms. Hosted solutions make it easy for you to join and even easier for them to change the game any time — without needing any agreement from you.

3. MAKE THE RULES for your own classroom with WP Courseware

When you run your own WordPress website, you MAKE YOUR OWN RULES. You get TOTAL FREEDOM for a LOWER INVESTMENT.


WP Courseware plugs into any WordPress site. With a few clicks, you get ALL THE FEATURES you need to turn your website into a WORLD-CLASS teaching platform.


Building your own site means every success is your own. No one else can promote competitors to your students, demand 50% of your profits, or change the rules on you anytime.

"I've got students all over the world"


"WP Courseware enabled me to reach further, so now I've got students all over the world."

Elsa Blomster
Retrieving for All Occassions

WP Courseware is a complete online course solution in one package

271 INCREDIBLE FEATURES. After eight years of development and 21,883 HAPPY CUSTOMERS, we’ve got every feature you need — 271 of them to be precise (with even more to come). And YOU GET EVERY FEATURE out of the box. We don’t have bronze, silver, and gold pricing. All our course creators enjoy THE GOLD STANDARD in online course creation.


Arrange and rearrange your course content with a simple drag-and-drop interface. Your course will be LAID OUT IN MINUTES.


Want to engage your students with VIDEO COURSES? WP Courseware is compatible with your video hosting solution of choice — YouTube, Wistia, Vimeo, or S3 Media Maestro.


Customize the look and style of your course to match your website with a few clicks. NO CODE NECESSARY.


It’s a snap to TAKE PAYMENTS with WP Courseware. We make it easy to bundle courses, take one-time payments, charge subscriptions, receive payments in installments, or offer courses for free. Just add a free Stripe or PayPal account. Stripe and PayPal pay you directly.


GRADUALLY RELEASE CONTENT to students based on when they sign up. Or launch a course before you’ve finished creating all the modules.


WP Courseware will send NOTIFICATIONS and emails to your students. Run your courses on AUTOPILOT, including AUTOMATED QUIZ GRADING.


Enjoy one low annual license fee. No hefty monthly fees. No revenue sharing. You KEEP EVERYTHING YOU EARN.


QUIZ YOUR STUDENTS. Advanced quiz question types, timers, notifications, retake limits, and surveys. Each course has a grade book with detailed quiz records for each student.


Make any WordPress user an instructor. The instructor role allows instructors to CREATE, EDIT, and MANAGE their courses and students.


REWARD YOUR STUDENTS with downloadable and customizable PDF certificates of course completion.


Our developers work tirelessly to make sure WP Courseware FUNCTIONS PERFECTLY WITH OTHER PLUGINS. Our developers have your back and will fix any problems immediately.


USE YOUR OWN WORDPESS THEME. WP Courseware seamlessly integrates with any WordPress theme or page builder.


WP Courseware integrates with many membership and e-commerce plugins so you can SELL COURSES CONNECTED TO A MEMBERSHIP LEVEL.


WP Courseware comes with full GENERAL DATA PROTECTION REGULATION functionality to comply with EU privacy law standards.


We’ve got you covered. Learning how to use WP Courseware is easy with our training materials. We’ll even show you how to TURN YOUR IDEA INTO A MONEYMAKER.


We’re committed to WP Courseware and our community of course creators. Our developers are CONSTANTLY IMPROVING WP Courseware. We average an update a month.

"You'll find WP Courseware very helpful..."


If you value working with ease and flexibility, I think you'll find WP Courseware very helpful. It's powerful, it has many features, and it just works."

Alejandro Gonzalez
Howden Iberia

Why Caitlin Pyle said NO to earning $100,000 in four months — and what changed her mind.

When Caitlin Pyle started making serious money as a freelance proofreader, her husband Ben had a suggestion. Ben knew someone who’d made $100,000 in four months from an online course. Why didn’t Caitlin try doing the same?

Caitlin told Ben, “No way,” thinking someone like her could never make that much from an online course.

Fortunately, Ben wasn’t about to give up. While Caitlin kept taking on proofreading jobs, Ben mentioned someone else who’d made money from an online course. This time it was just $1,200.

Making $1,200 from an online course sounded more believable to Caitlin than $100,000. So she decided to give online education a go.

Caitlin bought a domain name (, set up a simple WordPress site, and installed WP Courseware.

The results came quick. Caitlin launched her first course on 16 February 2015. In the first week, she made $4,000, mostly from family and friends. But the money kept coming. Fast forward to just 79 days later, and Caitlin had banked $100,000.

That didn’t mean she was giving up proofreading, though. She still thought this might be a flash in the pan — that is, until she treated Ben to a week in New York...

“Ben and I went on vacation to New York,” says Caitlin. “So I told my clients I was going away, but they could send me work when I got back. Except in the week we were away, we made $18,000 from the course. That’s when I thought, hey, I’m retiring from proofreading!”

It took Caitlin just 15 months to hit $1 million in sales and just three years to pass $4 million in course sales. Today, Caitlin would have no trouble believing someone could make $100,000 in four months, not when her own business regularly brings in $200,000 a month — all while Caitlin works less than 10 hours a week.

How easy is

WP Courseware

to use?

WP Courseware WordPress LMS Course Builder Easy (1)

To run WP Courseware, you just need to plug WP Courseware into a WordPress website.

WordPress is free, which is one of a thousand reasons it’s the software of choice for 455,000,000 websites (that’s 35% of the internet).

WordPress is so simple, you can have a website running in less than 20 minutes, even if you never thought you could be a “web master.” Then all you have to do is add WP Courseware. A few clicks later, and you have everything you need to build and sell your course.

If you just want to teach, you can easily leave the technical stuff to someone else. Thanks to WordPress dominating the internet, there are hundreds of thousands of web developers who can help you (not to mention all your friends, family, and neighbors who are familiar with WordPress).

Once you’ve plugged in WP Courseware, you’ll find it’s simple to use. That simplicity isn’t an accident — we’ve thought through every detail from the point of view of the course creator.

Do you need to learn a little bit about running a website? Of course. But the same would be true if you ran your course through a marketplace or a hosted solution. They all have tools to learn, but WordPress has two big advantages over the alternatives:

WP Courseware WordPress LMS Course Builder One

WordPress sites are easy to manage even if you have never used a website before, and you can get someone to help you for a few dollars an hour instead of relying on chatbots or waiting for a support person.

WP Courseware WordPress LMS Course Builder Two

With your own WordPress site, you can implement any feature you can imagine. You won’t outgrow the limited capabilities of a hosted platform, where someone else determines what’s possible and what isn’t.

Check out WP Courseware without even installing it

WP Courseware WordPress LMS Tech 500px

Want to see how easy it would be to build your online course? You can try our FULLY-FEATURED DEMO of WP Courseware RIGHT NOW. Check out all our features and our easy drag-and-drop interface for yourself.

"...a great tool at a great price."


"I've found WP Courseware to be such a great tool at a great price."

Ruth Nisenbaum
Web Designer

Why build an online course now?

Outside of e-learning, where else can you get in on the GROUND FLOOR of a market that’s already worth $187 billion?

The best financial analysis says online courses will be a $325 billion market by 2025. That’s compounded growth of 16.6% every year.

Today’s course creators are stepping into an elevator that’s going in one direction: UP. For an investment of less than $200, you can secure your spot in that elevator.

And it’s easy to start today. With WP Courseware, there are no monthly fees adding up while you create your course. All you have to do is plug WP Courseware into your existing website (or knock out a new website in minutes). Now you’ve got all the infrastructure you need to begin building your course.

And there’s no pressure to rush your course development. There’s no meter running. No one is swiping a monthly debit from your credit card whether your course is live or not.

Try WP Courseware risk-free for 30 days

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to join WP Courseware’s 21,883 happy course creators, so we’re making it ABSOLUTELY RISK FREE.

If, for some reason, you find that WP Courseware’s powerful course creation functionality isn’t for you, just let us know within 30 days, and we’ll give you a friendly refund immediately.

So with the developers of WordPress’s first and best courseware plugin standing behind you, why wait another minute to start making money from what you know...

Start building with WP Courseware today!

normally $249

$ 124.50 / year
  • Save $124.50 (50%)
  • 1 Year of Support
  • 1 Year of Updates
  • Install on 2 WordPress Sites

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normally $299

$ 149.50 / year
  • Save $149.50 (50%)
  • 1 Year of Support
  • 1 Year of Updates
  • Install on 10 WordPress Sites

normally $399

$ 199.50 / year
  • Save $199.50 (50%)
  • 1 Year of Support
  • 1 Year of Updates
  • Install on 25 WordPress Sites


"No other WordPress LMS plugin compares with the ease and speed that WP Courseware offers when creating courses with WordPress."

Chris Lema

Author, Speaker, and e-Learning Expert


"Excellent customer service and a conflict-free plugin equals a completely satisfied customer!"

Rich Vernetti