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WP Courseware

The first and most widely-used learning management system plugin for WordPress. Create your first course within minutes using our powerful drag and drop course editor. You can even begin earning money from your courses the same day!


S3 Media Maestro

Are you delivering Amazon S3 or CloudFront hosted content through your WordPress site? If so, digital thieves may be eating into your profits! S3 Media Maestro will help you deliver your video, audio, and download files efficiently and securely!

Our Purpose

We don't just create plugins, we create solutions to help businesses and individuals succeed in achieving their goals. Since 2012, we've been developing powerful Elearning Plugins for WordPress which make our customers' lives easier by providing robust functionality, hassle-free code, and obsessive customer-centric support.

Why Fly Plugins?

We take a lot of pride in what we do. Tens of thousands of Elearning Plugins for WordPress installed around the globe. Continual product updates. World class support! And a customer-first attitude...always.

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