A Better Way to Translate WP Courseware Into Other Languages

A Better Way to Translate WP Courseware Into Other Languages

Over the years we have been privileged to serve customers all around the world. WP Courseware has customers in various different countries which means there is a need to have WP Courseware translated into different languages. WP Courseware can currently be translated by simply creating a PO/MO file using PO Edit or using a plugin like LocoTranslate. LocoTranslate is a great tool for translating any plugin into another language because it has a nice user interface and you don’t have to worry about downloading the POT, and making an PO & MO file. It does it all for you!

However, today, WP Courseware now has the ability to download and update translations natively. Let me explain how this works.

Translating WP Courseware

First you will need to have the latest version of WP Courseware installed. This ensures that you have the translation feature installed.

Next you will navigate to WP Courseare→Settings→Translations.

To install a translation, simply click on the Install Translation dropdown and select your language then click install. Thats it!

Translation Options

Once you have a translation installed you have a few options.

  • Download PO file – This allows you to download the current PO file locally to your computer. We provided this option for advanced users who want the ability to update their own translation. Once the PO file is downloaded, you can update the PO file manually using an application like PO Edit. Then you can upload the translation back to your site via FTP. If you want to simply get a string translated that is currently not translated, simply submit a support request and we can add the string to our database and then you simply have to update your translation by clicking the Update button.
  • Update Translation – This allows you to update your translation to the most current version. All of our translations are stored in a database and we can update these translations at any time. When we update the database, all you need to do is click the Update button and you will have the most current translation.
  • Delete Translation – If you’d like to simply delete the translation, click the Trashcan button.

One thing to keep in mind is that once you install a translation, it will remain installed, even if you update the plugin or deactivate/reactivate the plugin.

Translation Availability

Currently we don’t have many translations available in our database. Also, some of our translations are not complete. We do know that WP Courseware has been translated into other languages across the globe. With that said, we would like to solicit your help. If you have a translation available for WP Courseware, or you are interested in translating WP Courseware into another language, please contact us. You can also see our current translations here. Through this joint effort we can make WP Courseware better for everyone.

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