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Looking for a WordPress LMS plugin to replace CoursePress Pro? WP Courseware has you covered!

As you know, sometimes, good things do come to a close. In recent news, WPMU DEV announced they are sunsetting many of their premium plugins, but one in particular is CoursePress Pro. CoursePress Pro is a learning management system that was launched back in 2014 a couple years after WP Courseware was launched.

Since WP Courseware's launch in 2012, it has grown significantly over the years and has been the primary focus for us here at Fly Plugins. WP Courseware is still growing and going strong. We are proud to say that WP Courseware is in this for the long haul.

This is not a negative post aimed at WPMU DEV, it appears that WPMU DEV simply needed to clear their slate to work on projects that were producing better returns for their business. Sometimes business decisions have to be made to keep the business moving forward.

WP Courseware is our primary focus and our business is centered around it. We do have a couple other plugins on the market, but they simply complement WP Courseware and can benefit your online course. All that to say, WP Courseware will be around a long time and we don't have any plans of halting any of our efforts for WP Courseware.

WP Courseware comparatively has the same features as CoursePress Pro. Here are a few features that we'd like to highlight.


  • Unlimited Everything

    You can create an unlimited number of courses regardless of which license you purchase. You can also create an unlimited number of course modules, course units, quizzes and quiz questions. You can even enroll an unlimited number of students.

  • Give Away Course Teasers

    Give your visitors a sneak peak at your course content with a unit teaser preview.

  • Video and Audio Content

    You can embed audio or video content from just about any source including Vimeo, YouTube, or Wistia. If you want to protect your videos, checkout our S3 Media Maestro plugin. It can protect your videos hosted on Amazons AWS S3 service.

  • Quiz your students

    Add quizzes to your online course to enhance your students learning. You can use a blocking quiz or non-blocking quiz depending on how you want to enforce learning in your course. Use multiple choice, true or false, open ended, file upload, or a random block of questions for your quizzes.

  • Sell your courses

    WP Courseware comes complete with a shopping cart, checkout system and 2 payment gateways, PayPal Standard and Stripe. You can sell your courses as a one time sale, installment plan or subscription. You can give away courses for free too!

  • Tons of integrations

    Do you already have a membership site or an eCommerce site? WP Courseware integrates with many popular membership and ecommerce plugins.

  • Student Dashboard

    The student dashboard comes complete with a login form, dynamic course outline for each course they are enrolled into, as well as payment and subscription details.

  • Student Course Certificates

    Reward and incentivize your students! You can create customized course certificates for each individual course. The certificate can be downloaded in a PDF format.

  • Course Instructors

    Each course can be managed or created by an individual instructor. Each instructor can manage their own courses.

There are so many more features, too many to mention in this blog post. Check out the product page for more detailed information. If you have any questions about WP Courseware feel free to ask us.

We hope you will consider adopting WP Courseware as updates and support for CoursePress Pro are no longer available.

We truly wish the folks at WPMU DEV all the best in their future endeavors!

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Ben Arellano is one of the co-founders of Fly Plugins, creators of the first and most widely-implemented learning management system for WordPress, WP Courseware. Since 2012, he has helped thousands of entrepreneurs, corporate training departments, and higher education institutions develop and deploy online training courses from their WordPress websites.

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