The Best Way to Embed Videos in WordPress

If content is king on the internet, video is the undisputed queen. In this article, we illustrate the best way to embed videos in WordPress content. 1 billion hours… 1,608 human life spans… Any guesses as to what statistic these numbers correlate to? These numbers describe the amount of YouTube video content consumed every day…

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6 Ways to Creativly Use Canva for Online Courses

Canva for Online Courses

As a course creator I have used Canva for online courses and for brading my online course website. It has recently become one of my go-to tools in my graphic design toolbox. Let’s take a look at a few of the ways you can put this free tool to use. The number of web-based graphic…

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3 Tips for Higher Course Completion Rates

Higher Course Completion

Over the last six years, we’ve worked with course creators in almost any industry or niche you can think of. And one of the most common issues they run across is how to get their students to follow through and actually complete a course they’ve created. If you’re an online course creator, in this article…

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How to Create an Online Course PDF [+FREE TEMPLATES]

How to Create an Online Course PDF

Wondering how to create an online course PDF and how to use them effectively to enhance learning You’ve come to the right place! Article Index1. Rule #1: Be consistent with your designs.2. Rule #2: Proofread everything three times.3. Rule #3: Ensure proper formatting.4. What’s in an online course PDF?5. Supplemental Resources6. Transcripts7. Data/Research Tracking8. Presentation…

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3 WordPress Training Resources You Need to Know About

WordPress Training Resources Blog Post Header

Fumbling around with WordPress can be daunting in the beginning, however, these WordPress training resources can greatly lessen the learning curve for new users of the world’s most popular content management system. I can remember it like it was yesterday. Three things happened around 2009 which all culminated in me becoming deeply embedded in the…

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The Simple Way to Use Complex Math in WP Courseware Quizzes

WP Courseware WordPress LMS Plugin - Using Math

Using an online equation builder and a free WordPress plugin, you can format textbook-quality math equations in your WP Courseware quiz questions. This video will show you how in under 4 minutes! Play Video Resources Mentioned: WP Courseware Simple MathJax Plugin for WordPress CodeCogs LaTeX Equation Editor Video Transcript: Welcome to this WP courseware tutorial…

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How to Use an Amazon S3 WordPress Plugin to Offload Media

Amazon S3 WordPress Plugin Offload Media Header

Using an Amazon S3 WordPress plugin to store your media in the cloud can drastically improve the performance of your site and the media playback experience for your visitors. This short guide will show you how to make it happen. S3 Media Maestro, our Amazon S3 WordPress plugin, was initially designed to scratch our own…

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Mailchimp Integration for WP Courseware is Here!

WP Courseware Mailchimp Integration Email Marketing for Online Courses

Leverage the power of email marketing to turn your online course into a supercharged marketing machine! Today we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve added support for yet another native integration within WP Courseware… Mailchimp! The WordPress ecosystem is vast, with tens of thousands of plugins and themes available to help you tailor your site to…

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How to Create Engaging Course Sales Copy

Creating Sales Copy for Online Courses

You can create great, helpful online course content, but without good course sales copy you’ve wasted your time and hard work. Here are a few tips for getting your value proposition across to prospective customers. When we created our first online course in 2010, we were about as nervous and anxious as an entrepreneur can…

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