Experience API (xAPI) for WP Courseware


You asked for it!

Over the last several years, we've had several requests for the ability to add standardized e-learning content from other authoring tools to WP Courseware courses. And the wait is finally over! We're excited to announce that WP Courseware now integrates with the Experience API (xAPI), also known as the Tin Can API, through a partnership with GrassBlade and their xAPI Companion.

What is xAPI?

The Experience API (xAPI), or Tin Can API, is a new content standard for e-learning. It's likely that you've heard of another standard which has been around for years, SCORM. SCORM is currently the most widely used standard, but as more and more learners begin navigating the majority of their coursework on mobile devices the new xAPI is quickly outpacing SCORM. The xAPI is designed to capture a wider range of learning experiences whereas SCORM is much more limited in this capacity. You can read more about xAPI here. The xAPI simply communicates between the Learning Management System and a Learning Record Store.

What Is a Learning Record Store (L.R.S)?

Basically, the learning management system (LMS) communicates through the xAPI to the learning record store. The learning record store is simply where the data produced by the LMS is stored. For example, if you publish a course with Articulate Storyline or Adobe Captivate, the data produced by the course is transferred by way of the xAPI to the learning record store (LRS).

The learning record store is a separate service and there are various options available. However, we are proud to announce that WP Courseware now has integration with the GrassBlade LRS. The integration is a separate plugin and is available on WordPress.org.

Grassblade Integration Features

Upload HTML5, xAPI cmi5, & SCORM Content - You can upload xAPI Content created with authoring tools like Articulate Storyline or iSpring on your WordPress website.

Content on Unit & Quiz - It's now simple to add HTML5, xAPI cmi5, or SCORM Content on Units and Quizzes. xAPI Content and Quizzes will be treated as native content and quizzes respectively on the quiz page.

Reports in LRS - You can connect GrassBlade LRS or some other LRS to store data and reports with the GrassBlade xAPI Companion.

Restrict Progress - You can block the progress to next unit based on whether or not the xAPI content added on units/quizzes is completed.

xAPI Content Score in Quiz Reports - xAPI quiz scores show up in the native WP Courseware grade book.

xAPI Content Based Certificate - Award Certificates based on completion of xAPI content.

Which authoring tools are supported?

  • H5P
  • Articulate Storyline
  • Articulate Rise
  • Articulate Studio
  • Articulate 360
  • Adobe Captivate
  • Lectora Inspire
  • Lectora Publisher
  • Lectora Online
  • iSpring Suite
  • Adapt Authoring Tool
  • iSpring Pro
  • DominKnow Claro

Still have questions?

Thanks to the folks from Grassblade, they've written documentation to assist with adding xAPI content to your WP Courseware course.

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