Level Up with Mike James’ Online Arduino Course [Success Story]

We recently had the chance to interview Michael James from programmingelectronics.com.

Mike took a huge leap of faith when he left a cush job in aviation to launch an online business around his true passion...the open-source hardware and software project, Arduino.

More specifically, he chose to turn that passion into a business by creating online courses to teach others to create and work on their own projects with Arduino.

It all started as a hobby. Mike loved to play with electronics using the Arduino platform which lead to him teaching others how to build cool electronic gadgets with Arduino.

If you're not familiar with Arduino, be sure to visit Mike's site as there is plenty of information.

In the interview, we talk about struggles and hurdles that come about with online business. We also talk about the techniques Mike uses to reinforce learning within his online course to ensure student success.

One of the coolest things we talk about is how his course has inspired teachers in public school systems to begin including Arduino courses as part of their STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) curriculum. I love this!

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