3 Tips for Higher Course Completion Rates

Over the last six years, we’ve worked with course creators in almost any industry or niche you can think of.

And one of the most common issues they run across is how to get their students to follow through and actually complete a course they’ve created.

If you’re an online course creator, in this article we’re going to cover three tips to help you ensure that your course completion rates are optimized.

Short Lessons

One of the main challenges we’ve seen with course creators is breaking their content into massive chunks, whether text, video, lesson assignments, quizzes, or otherwise.

While this is tempting in order to produce a course more efficiently, producing short, bite-sized content will allow your students to fit your course into an already busy day.

And if that can happen, they’ll not only increase the number of times they work on their course, but they’ll also increase their learning retention.

After all…there’s only so much a person can think about in a day!


Another way to keep students engaged with your course is through quizzing.

Quizzes can help to keep students ensured that they are building the skill set you want them to achieve. They’re able to see your course as a set of stepping stones which will lead them to their destination.

And that destination is…a new skill!


Finally, we can use certifications to improve completion rates.

Certificates are required in many industries for professional work, however, are also an enticing tool for enhancing completion of a course.

Fortunately, WP Courseware allows for simple course creation completion certificates which provide the student’s name, course completion date, logo inclusion, and instructor name or signature.

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