Announcing WP Courseware Version 3.8.5! Did Someone Say Multiple Correct Answers?

WP Courseware Version 3.8.5

One thing I’ve learned in life is that it’s much easier to accomplish a task if you have the right tools. When I discover a new tool or software that helps me perform a task more efficiently than I have in the past, I can honestly say I get pretty excited! I get so excited sometimes that it makes me want to do “The Carlton”.


Well, today I’m happy to announce a new tool for your toolbox. We recently sent out our 2016 WP Courseware user survey and we had an amazing response. In fact, we learned a lot about how our awesome customers are using WP Courseware. We’ve taken a detailed look at the feedback and we’ll be working hard to implement your suggestions in the coming weeks.

One of the most common feature requests we received in our 2016 WP Courseware survey was to allow for multiple correct answers in multiple choice questions.

Well, as we said…we’re listening. And we’ll be implementing as many of your suggestions as possible.

So we’re happy to announce that this feature and a few other changes have been included in a release we sent out this week with WP Courseware version 3.8.5! 

You can update by simply logging into your WordPress site and clicking on the “Installed Plugins” page or by downloading the current version from within our member portal.

If you’d like to learn more about version 3.8.5, check out the following video!

In fact, we’re so excited to get chipping away at our development roadmap and features with our development team, we’re going to celebrate by offering 15% off your purchase. This can be applied to new purchases or license upgrades on existing purchases!

As always, thank you for your support!

Ben and Nate

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