Introducing Notes for WP Courseware!

Today we’re thrilled to announce the first iteration of a new in-lesson, comprehensive Resource Module for your WP Courseware students… WP Courseware Notes! The WP Courseware Resource Module will be an in-lesson, slide-up menu for your students to access resources to enhance their learning experience.  While Notes is the first iteration of the Resource Menu,…

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Introducing Achievements for WP Courseware!

WP Courseware WordPress LMS Plugin - Achievements Blog Post Header

Introducing Achievements for WP Courseware! Now you can incentivize your students for progress and performance within your courses…create badges, customize achievement point values, encourage competition with a leaderboard, and more! Today we’re excited to announce the introduction of a new feature package for WP Courseware with the addition of course Achievements! We’ve been working on…

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Introducing WP Courseware Version 4.8!


We’re starting the year strong with another major update to our WordPress LMS plugin, WP Courseware! As 2021 kicks off, we’re starting the year off with a bang with another major update to our WP Courseware WordPress LMS plugin. But before we give you the details, first… …THANK YOU! We receive hundreds of feature requests…

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Introducing S3 Media Maestro Version 4.0

S3 Media Maestro Version 4.0 WordPress Amazon S3 Video Player Plugin

Announcing a major update to our Amazon S3 media delivery and protection plugin for WordPress…S3 Media Maestro version 4.0 has arrived and brings functionality enhancements including multi-language closed captioning, video transcoding, and more! Day Hour Minute Second Do you deliver media or downloadable files to paying customers through a membership site, online course, or your…

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Create Memberships with WP Courseware Version 4.7

Introducing Memberships for WP Courseware 3

Now you can use WP Courseware as a single solution to deliver courses and premium membership content! Today we’re excited to announce that we’ve wrapped up development of version 4.7.0 of WP Courseware and it includes one of the most highly requested features of 2020… Memberships! In a nutshell, this functionality allows you to assign…

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Important Fly Plugins Updates for July!


Well, Happy Summer to those of you in the northern hemisphere and if you’re in the south, we hope you enjoy some cooler weather and a break from the heat! We’ve been staying busy here at Fly Plugins doing our best to ensure that our customers receive best-in-class WordPress plugins and stellar support. Here are…

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Engage your students with email automation

One of the most important aspects of delivering an online course is communicating with your students. However, unless you have a lot of free time, or perhaps a virtual assistant or some sort of automation, this could be a daunting, time consuming task. Communication with your students keeps them engaged in the course, moving through…

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A Wish for Your 2019…And a Few Last 2018 Updates

Fly Plugins December 2018 Updates

A Wish for Your 2019…And a Few Last 2018 Updates Wow…just wow! It’s hard to believe, but we’ve almost reached the end of another year! It’s been a busy year at Fly Plugins HQ…we’ve launched new plugins and integrations, made massive overhauls and updates to WP Courseware and S3 Media Maestro, and we have a…

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