Fly Plugins Launch Day

FLY-Plugins-Logo-300x146Welcome to Fly Plugins! We are finally launching our plugin site in anticipation of our highly anticipated first premium plugin releasing in about 1 month from the date of this post. Without getting into to much detail, our first premium plugin will be an awesome tool to help you organize your WordPress content. Also we will be launching our first FREE plugin with in a few days from the date of this post which will be available on the WordPress plugin library. We hope to make a large portion of our plugins FREE for WordPress website developers and designers.

Please keep an eye out for our free plugin in the WordPress library listed under “Fly Plugins”. Please sign up below so that we can inform you when we release new plugins both free and premium.

We truly look forward to making awesome helpful WordPress plugins. Be sure to contact us with any questions or feature requests. Also visit us on Facebook and Twitter.

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