S3 Media Maestro Version 2.0 Brings CloudFront Integration and More!

S3 Media Maestro and CloudFront

Today we’re very excited to announce a new S3 Media Maestro update with the release of version 2.0! While this update includes a few new features (see below), it also boasts a major addition to functionality which many of you have been asking for over the last few months. But, the price of S3 Media Maestro will be going up on Monday, May 2nd at 11:59PM…more on that in a moment.

You Asked for It…Now You Have It! S3 Media Maestro Now Supports CloudFront!

S3 Media Maestro has become the leading WordPress plugin for delivering Amazon S3-hosted media securely, offering a great viewing experience for your customers while preventing your valuable content from being shared with others. But now it’s gotten even better!

We’ve had hundreds of people contact us to request the addition of CloudFront support for their Amazon S3-hosted media files.

Well, now it’s here!

What Is CloudFront?

Many of our S3 Media Maestro users will be familiar with Amazon Web Service’s CloudFront platform. However, if you haven’t taken a look at it, CloudFront is a global content delivery network (CDN) of servers which are designed to create cached versions of your media files and deliver them from a location which will provide your end users with an efficient and optimized media delivery experience.

This translates into faster media downloads no matter where in the world your customers are located!

How Does CloudFront Work?

In previous versions of S3 Media Maestro, the only way to optimize your end user’s media experience was through the use of Amazon S3 “regions”. Basically, you’d select a single location somewhere in the world which was geographically closest to the the majority of your customers.

This provides an optimal media delivery experience for those end users fortunate enough to be near the region you select through Amazon S3.

But what about everyone else?

Regions Map

With CloudFront, your media files are stored on a network of servers based all around the world! No matter where your customers are located, CloudFront will deliver your media from the sever that’s closest and improve your end user experience!

Everyone is happy!

CloudFront Map

Integrating CloudFront is Simple!

If you already have an Amazon S3 account, setting up CloudFront and adding it to the S3 Media Maestro plugin is a simple process. Once you’ve set up CloudFront within Amazon Web Services, you’ll just add your new CloudFront credentials to the S3 Media Maestro “Settings” panel and you can start taking advantage of the power that this content delivery network has to offer!

S3MM CloudFront Settings

We’ve even created a new documentation section with detailed configuration steps to get you up and running as quickly as possible. You can access that from the S3 Media Maestro knowledgebase.

And Other Cool New Features Are Now Available!

Within the S3 Media Maestro 2.0 release, we’ve also included:

*A new option to create titles for your video or audio playlists in the shortcode generator

*Vimeo is now supported by S3 Media Maestro’s shortcode builder

*Ability to turn off the native media player CSS and use your own styling

Already Have a License for S3 Media Maestro?

Great! You’ll be happy to know that version 2.0 is waiting for you right within the “Installed Plugins” page of your WordPress admin dashboard. You can also download the latest version of S3 Media Maestro from within our Member Portal.

Price Increase Alert

If you haven’t yet purchased S3 Media Maestro and started delivering fast and protected media content, don’t waste any time purchasing a license.

As of May 2nd, 2016 at 11:59PM EST, the price of S3 Media Maestro will be increasing! So please act now if you feel that this would be a useful tool for your current or future projects. S3 Media Maestro includes these powerful features:

  • Protect all Amazon S3-hosted content (video, audio, and other files) with encrypted links
  • Customize link expiration time
  • Built-in media player with HTML5 support for iDevices
  • Flash “fall-forward” support for non-HTML5 compatible browsers
  • Customize player dimensions
  • Responsive player
  • Customize player skin
  • Pre-load and auto-play media files
  • Loop audio and video media
  • Easily place media with [shortcode]
  • Built-in [shortcode] generator to easily set all parameters
  • Display custom anchor text for document links
  • Set default Amazon S3 bucket to quickly grab file links

So what are you waiting for?

>>>Click here to get it now!<<<

Remember, the price of S3 Media Maestro goes up after May 2nd, 2016. Please don’t miss out!

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