Top 6 E-Learning Software Packages for 2018 with Pricing and Features

Top E-Learning Software Packages: Prices and Features

Choosing an e-learning software package for your e-learning content development can be a daunting task. Here are our favorite choices, along with a summary of their strengths and pricing.

Deciding on the right online learning software is a big step. You know you’ll rely on it for a long time and, depending on the software, it can be a huge financial commitment. Below are six of the most popular options on the market today, their most prominent features, and a loose pricing guide to get you started.

Articulate Storyline – This is the most well-known on our list of elearning tools with a thriving online community to show for it. Most impressive for its array of features, Articulate Storyline is easy to integrate with many others apps and software. The wow factor is in its volume and quality of template designs for courses, and its library of royalty-free images, graphics, and icons that come included with the price.


Individual Plan = $999/year

Team Plan = $1,299/year

WP Courseware – If you have a WordPress site, WP Courseware is an extremely popular WordPress LMS plugin, offering comparable features and support with simple drag-and-drop tools for a an affordable price. Even if you don’t operate in WordPress, you might consider switching platforms just so you can use WP Courseware. It’s that much more affordable than most stand-alone elearning software.


10 Licenses = $199/year

iSpring – Our next elearning tool is specifically designed for Microsoft PowerPoint users who want to avoid a big learning curve when adapting to their new learning software. It is solely a PowerPoint add-on, and as such, its cheaper than some of its competitors, and just as powerful, but pointless if you’re not already using and paying for PowerPoint.


iSpring Suite = $720/year

iSpring Suite Full Service = $970/year

Gomo – Although most of the other elearning tools on this list offer a cloud-based component, Gomo is entirely cloud-based, meaning it can be used by multiple users simultaneously, from different locations, and is always updated with the latest versions. However, this capability comes at a price, which jumps up significantly for the larger package. Still, it’s a popular choice and definitely worth looking into.


Personal = $890/year

Small Team = $2,490/year

Each price varies widely by features and licenses, so don’t take them at face value without doing some additional research, but they’re a good jumping off point. It’s also good to decide if you’d like a local only or cloud-based e-learning software, or some combination of both. It’s worth doing your research, and taking advantage of trial months and demos to find which is right for you.

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