We’re Turning Two…So We’re Giving You Two, Too!

Fly Turns Two!

Fly Plugins Turns Two! And We Have a Gift for You!Ben & Nate

It’s hard to believe, but here at Fly Plugins we’re celebrating our second birthday!

We’ve experienced tremendous growth over the last year and feel very grateful for all of the support and feedback we’ve received.

But This Celebration Isn’t About Us…It’s About You!

Sure, we could bore you with all of the changes and progress we’ve made over the last year, but none of that matters without YOU!

So we’d like to celebrate by giving back!

Order a Single-Site License and Get Upgraded to a 2-Site License for FREE!

That’s right! We’re crazy about TWO!

Order a single-site license for any Fly Plugins product in the next 48 hours and your license will automatically be valid for updates and support on TWO SITES FOR LIFE!

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This offer will only be valid through 2:00PM EST on July 27th. Don’t miss out!

Sorry, but this offer has expired.

So What’s In Store for the Next Year?

If celebrating our second birthday is about you, then what can you expect on our way to our third birthday?

Our business plan is simple. We will:

1. Continually improve our products based on feedback from our user community.

The products we’ve developed all began as solutions for our own needs, so we understand the importance of smooth implementation, a good user experience, and continual feature development.

But our ideas don’t matter. Yours do.

Our development roadmaps are based on the feature requests we receive from our user community. We’re fortunate enough to receive dozens of these each week and it helps us determine the best use of our development resources for our end users.

We’ve never been focused on developing features to sell more products.

If we focus on what YOU need as a current user, those features will eventually lead to more users.

That being said, you can expect ongoing updates and feature additions throughout the next year, with several in development at the moment. 🙂

You can always submit your feature requests through the questions form. We’d love to hear from you and we evaluate each and every one of them.

2. Constantly strive for a better customer experience.

Our success depends on one transaction, one support response, or one feature request evaluation at a time. We’ve experienced download numbers we couldn’t have imagined when we first started, but that’s not important.

Each and every one of those purchases and downloads comes from one unique end user.

And we’ve always tried to view our business that way.

We want to continually improve the experience of our customers, whether it’s through improved admin UIs, extended functionality, or better support processes.

And a HUGE Thank You!

From all of us, we want to say “thank you“! We wouldn’t be here without you!

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