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Subscribers-only offer for 48 hours! A perfect companion to WP Courseware!

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Today, Ben and I are thrilled to announce the release of S3 Media Maestro, the newest plugin from Fly Plugins!

Just as with WP Courseware, this is a plugin that we developed to use on our own training sites, so we hope you find it helpful for your projects.


What is it?

S3 Media Maestro is the first Amazon S3 file protection plugin for WordPress to include an HTML5 supported media player.

See it in action!

And this plugin could save you BIG MONEY!


We all know that Amazon S3 is the best cloud storage platform for delivering large video and audio files when you have a project like a training course.

And it’s very low cost, which makes it an incredibly popular option for just about anyone who needs to store videos, audios, photos, or other large files in the cloud. It also delivers them to your user at an incredible speed.


If you have content stored with the popular Amazon S3 cloud storage platform and you’re charging customers for that content, you are losing money.

Even if you have access to your content protected by WP Courseware or a membership plugin, links to your files hosted with Amazon S3 can be passed from one person to the next.

Whether you’re selling content in the form of video, audio, or other file types such as PDFs, people could be using your content without paying for it.

S3 Media Maestro eliminates this major security problem. 

It allows you to set a customizable expiration time for the links to your files stored in Amazon S3. When the link to your audio, video, or other content is shared, the file is no longer accessible.

Protect your Amazon S3 files now!

And finally…a player that works on iPhones and iPads!

Over 400 million iOS devices have been sold to date.

400 million! 

But that’s also 400 million devices which don’t support the Flash-based media player that you’re likely using to deliver your WordPress content to your customers.

If you (or your customers) have ever tried to view video content from an iPhone or iPad, it can be incredibly frustrating to find out that most of the available media players rely on Flash, which iPhones and iPads don’t support.

Your customers or training course participants want to be able to view your content from iPads and iPhones!

We’ve included a media player within S3 Media Maestro that supports HTML5, which does display on iPhones and iPads. Finally, your customers can view your video content on the go!

And for subscribers only, we have a very special offer for the next 48 hours.

For the next 48 hours, enter coupon code GETS3MM25 to get 25% off on S3 Media Maestro.

This coupon code can be used on a single-site, two-site, or developer license, so don’t miss out on the chance to secure your S3 hosted content and deliver an outstanding media experience to your customers at this price.

Lock in your S3 Media Maestro discount

We’ll see you on the inside!

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