Are You Failing With Feedback?

imagesWith so many tasks associated with the management of e-learning becoming automated, it’s easy to set up an online course and rely on it to consistently deliver your training content without much input.

After all, one of the most attractive features of delivering training electronically is the ability to scale up a course for hundreds and sometimes thousands of participants.

But are you doing enough to ensure that your course participants are learning your content effectively?

Having been a participant in many online courses, as well as an instructor, I can tell you that individualized, constructive feedback can go a long way in providing a positive learning experience. It has also been proven to get students to put forth even more effort in a learning environment.

WP Courseware includes tools to help facilitate feedback between the course instructor and participant. 

The end of module and end of course completion emails can be used to send positive reinforcement or content recaps. Additionally, WP Courseware’s built in quiz and grading system allows you, the instructor, to take note of where your students excel and more importantly, where they need a little nudge.

However, even with these tools built into WP Courseware, we encourage you to take the time to interact individually with your students. It doesn’t have to be often or at length, but a short check in from time to time can provide tremendous amounts of motivation.

Several years ago, I was selected to attend a limited private group coaching course by a very successful online entrepreneur. The course was conducted entirely online and consisted of a two-hour webinar each week, followed by a question and answer session, after which detailed action guides were provided for tasks to be completed before the next session.

Being well aware of the large number of projects this entrepreneur was responsible for, I did not expect any individualized instruction, nor was he obligated to provide any due to the specified format of the course I had signed up for.

However, each week, I received an individualized email from him two days prior to the next course session. He would check in to see if I was nearing completion of the prior week’s action steps and asking if I had any questions.

I was blown away.

Since I felt that he was personally checking up on my progress, I also felt the need to ensure that my results in the course were good enough to keep him happy. These little weekly check-ins boosted my engagement as a student and as a result, I learned lessons that became cornerstone practices in my own online business.

Take some time to invest in your course participants. It doesn’t have to be every day or incredibly time-consuming.

But after all, haven’t they invested in you?

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