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510737532dd5056a22041472“What types of content can be added to a WP Courseware course unit?”

“Will WP Courseware work with my membership plugin?”

“Can I include quizzes in my WP Courseware course?”

These are just a few of the “frequently asked questions” we receive at Fly Plugins regarding WP Courseware.

And we’re very happy to receive and answer them. We get many inquiries from prospective customers before they purchase WP Courseware.

Why are we so thrilled to answer them?

Because it guides our development path. Without knowing what YOU, the user, want WP Courseware to do, we would only be adding new features that work for our own courses.

And that’s not the way to address the needs of our customers. 🙂

Most of our newsletter subscribers can safely disregard this week’s email, as they’re already using WP Courseware.

But if you haven’t purchased the plugin, here are the answers to some of the most common questions we receive each day.

“What content can I add to a WP Courseware course unit?”

Basically anything! Text, video, audio, and download links can all be placed into a WP Courseware course unit. The course units are a custom post type, so anything you can do with a WordPress post can be done with a WP Courseware course unit.

“Will WP Courseware work with XYZ membership plugin?”

Yes. We’ve designed WP Courseware to work right alongside the most popular membership plugins on the market. While we can’t test each and every one of them as there are so many of them available, we’ve successfully tested in house with quite a few of them. Our favorite and the plugin that we use on our own sites is WishList Member. It’s packed full of features for the price.

“Can I place quizzes in my course units?”

You certainly can! WP Courseware includes built-in quiz functionality. Quizzes can be used simply as a review tool or you can require students to achieve a customizable passing score before accessing subsequent units. You can also place surveys into your course if you’d like to collect feedback from students or just ask a question.

“After creating a course, how do I display it on my site?”

Placing a course on your WordPress site is simple and can be done two ways. You can either use the shortcode provided in the plugin “Documentation” page or you can use our custom course outline widget to place a course inside any widgetized area of your site.

“Will WP Courseware work with my existing theme?”

We haven’t yet seen a theme that it doesn’t work with. WP Courseware includes CSS that will automatically adapt to your current theme unless you choose to customize the styling. And while we can’t vouch for all themes, as some are very poorly coded, we also haven’t yet seen a theme that interfered with any of WP Courseware’s functionality.

“What about future versions of the plugin? Will I have to pay again for those?”

Absolutely not. From the beginning, Ben and I have felt that we owe it to our customers to continually add great features to WP Courseware at no cost. If you own an existing license key for WP Courseware, just make sure it’s entered in the “Settings” screen of the plugin and updates will automatically be available in your “Installed Plugins” panel.

Still have a question that wasn’t answered? Be sure to let us know on our Support page!

As always, thank you for your support. Without our fantastic user community, WP Courseware would not be the leading choice for delivering training courses in WordPress.


  1. Chris on February 15, 2013 at 3:01 am

    Hi guys,

    Love your plugin… what is your recommended ecommerce plugin if I want to sell multiple courses on the one site. Would love your advice.


    • Nate Johnson on February 15, 2013 at 3:11 am

      Hi Chris,

      Thanks for the kind words! We’re thrilled to hear your happy with WP Courseware.

      At the moment, we would recommend using a membership plugin such as WishList Member. It provides a number of shopping cart integrations.

      Thanks again,


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