Exciting New Features in WP Courseware Version 2.5!

WP Courseware version 2.5 is now available, with some great new features requested by our fantastic user community!

Want to know what’s new?

Click on this short 2-minute video to find out!

So what did we add?

We’re very proud of this update, as it represents our total commitment to our incredible customers in listening to and acting on your top feature inclusion requests.

This update is completely for you, our end user, and we’ve included the features we’ve heard you most desired over the last few weeks.

  • New course listing shortcode to allow you to create a menu for logged in students which includes all of their current courses, progress meter, current grade, and drop down course outlines.
  • User progress reset, including the ability to select one, multiple, or all users and reset them to any specific point within a course.
  • Add images to quiz questions and to multiple choice answer selections.
  • Display quiz answer explanations to provide background detail on correct answers once a student has submitted a quiz.
  • Enroll all existing users or administrators in newly created quizzes with the click of a button.

So how do you get it?

The update is available now for all existing WP Courseware license holders directly within the “Installed Plugins” screen of your WordPress installation.

Just update…and enjoy!

What did you say…you’re not an existing WP Courseware license holder?

What are you waiting for?!

WP Courseware has been installed by thousands of customers and is trusted to deliver e-learning content to some of the leading educational and corporate institutions around the world.

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