Introducing S3 Media Maestro Version 3.1!

S3 Media Maestro Amazon Video Player 3.1

New Improvements to the Leading Amazon S3 Media Delivery and Protection Plugin for WordPress!

We're at it again! After a string of recent releases introducing new functionality to our WP Courseware WordPress course creation plugin and our S3 Media Maestro secure Amazon S3 media delivery and protection plugin, we're finishing out 2017 strong with another update!


Announcing S3 Media Maestro Version 3.1!

If you missed our announcement about our last major release to S3 Media Maestro, version 3.0, it was a total game changer.

S3 Media Maestro version 3.0 became the first plugin to not only allow you to securely deliver your Amazon S3 hosted media to prevent unauthorized sharing of your content, but to also allow you to manage your S3 account and files without ever leaving WordPress.

This version made it possible for you to create folders, upload files, and manage files right from within the post or page you're editing. Amazon S3 is the most reliable, robust, and cost-effective solution out there for storing large media files in the cloud. But anyone who has ever navigated Amazon Web Services' clunky and outdated console likely loathes having to log in there to upload and manage media files. Version 3.0 made this a thing of the past for WordPress users.


But It Gets Even Better!

During the weeks after the release of S3 Media Maestro version 3.0, we received some great feedback from our users on how to make our integration between WordPress and Amazon S3 even better. So we immediately got to work implementing some changes to offer a better workflow when using S3 Media Maestro to manage your Amazon S3 account.

S3 Media Maestro Amazon Video Player Folders Feature

Sub-Folder Management

Many of our S3 Media Maestro users go beyond the standard 'bucket->file' structure within their S3 account. Some of them need to access and display media files which are 4 or 5 folders deep within their S3 bucket. The plugin now allows you to easily drill down through as many folders as you need or work your way back up with a single click! 

Improved Upload Speeds

S3 Media Maestro's new folder structure access makes it a breeze to manage multiple levels within your S3 buckets, but we've also drastically improved the performance of the uploader. Now you can upload massive media files of 1GB or more to any of your Amazon S3 buckets at much faster speeds.

S3 Media Maestro Amazon Video Player Speed Feature
S3 Media Maestro Amazon Video Player Progress Feature

Upload Progress Status Indicator

When uploading very large media files to the cloud, it's difficult to know if and when something has timed out and when you should start over. Many solutions simply tell you "not to exit the screen" during the upload. To improve the workflow of our S3 Media Maestro users, we've now included a progress indicator for uploads so you can see how things are going. 

Stay Tuned!

We hope our S3 Media Maestro users find these last several updates to offer a major improvement in using WordPress and Amazon S3. But we're not finished yet!

Be sure to check in on our blog over the next few weeks as we'll be continuing to release major updates to both S3 Media Maestro and WP Courseware. And as always, if you have an idea for a feature request that we haven't included in a release yet, we'd love to hear from you on our Questions page!

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