WP Courseware 4.4 Brings the Simplest, Most Powerful Course Builder to WordPress

WP Courseware 4.4 WordPress LMS Course Builder

The Most Popular LMS Plugin for WordPress Just Got Even Better!

WP Courseware version 4.4 introduces a completely redesigned, powerful new course builder interface, making creating courses with WordPress a simple, intuitive process!


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So What's New in Version 4.4?

Here's the short story...

We were fed up!

Why? Well, we're guessing you may have been, too.

Our team gathered for a planning retreat back in April to decide on our next development priorities for our plugins. During those meetings, we reviewed all of the existing course creation plugins for WordPress and evaluated them for ease of use.

When we first launched WP Courseware in 2012, there were no "LMS" or learning management system plugins on the market.

In fact, we'd actually created WP Courseware somewhat by accident while trying to structure our very first online course and becoming frustrated that we had no way to easily structure, update, and deliver our lessons.

That being the case, we were more interested in building course delivery functionality...things like student management, progress tracking, quizzes, certificates, etc. We gave little thought to the administrative user interface.

After all, we knew how to use the plugin we'd created and we initially had no intention of selling it to others.

But when we sat down to take a brutally honest look at our plugin, WP Courseware, along with all of the other competing plugins which have launched since...well, to be honest we cringed. Every single one of them had a massive learning curve associated with building a course.

"It shouldn't be this hard", was a phrase that was repeated over and over in that small conference room in Phoenix.

Well, now it isn't!

WP Courseware version 4.4 introduces an entirely redesigned, intuitive, and step-by-step course builder that will allow anyone with a WordPress website to have a course up and running in a few minutes. This allows our course creators to spend more time doing what they should be doing...creating great content and marketing their course to the right customers.

NOT spending hours and hours watching tutorial videos to figure out where to find what they need and poring over cumbersome settings screens!

Finally...a Complete Drag and Drop Visual Course Builder for WordPress!

With WP Courseware's new visual course builder, you can create, configure, and build online courses in WordPress from a single screen.

Intuitive wizard-style, step-by-step settings configuration.

In-line course lesson editing allows you to create or edit course units without ever leaving the course builder.

Automatically publish courses to a course outline page without manually creating pages or using shortcodes.

Finally! You can now create custom permalink structures for your courses and create custom taxonomies with course categories and course tags.

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Here's to your success!

Ben Cory Nate

About Ben Arellano

Ben Arellano is one of the co-founders of Fly Plugins, creators of the first and most widely-implemented learning management system for WordPress, WP Courseware. Since 2012, he has helped thousands of entrepreneurs, corporate training departments, and higher education institutions develop and deploy online training courses from their WordPress websites.


  1. Dan on July 12, 2018 at 9:14 am

    Finally! I was waiting for something like this, I spent a lot of time looking for shortcodes, tutorials and changing the page to configure 1 single page.
    Good job, keep on it! Thanks, guys 😀

  2. Tamara on July 14, 2018 at 5:25 pm

    OMG, I love this update! Having everything on one screen is fantastic!! And the shortcode tips in various places are really useful. Thank you, thank you!

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