WP Courseware Version 3.8.3 Released!

WP Courseware 3.8.2If you have a current WP Courseware license and haven’t noticed yet, we’re very excited to announce that we just released version 3.8.3 of the plugin and it should be waiting for you in your “Installed Plugins” panel!

WP Courseware has become the leading learning management system plugin for WordPress and we’re committed to some great new updates in 2016.

Version 3.8.3 is a minor update which addresses a couple of recent bugs, but it also has a few cool new features:

*We added a new shortcode parameter labeled “user_quiz_grade” to display individual quiz grades for each unit in the course outlines instead of just the overall cumulative grade.

*A new parameter has been added to the overall course progress shortcode to display a “Download Certificate” button on completed course outlines.

* The certificates of completion are now downloadable from the instructor’s view of each student’s detailed course progress page.

*A new column now displays a student’s course completion date in each course’s grade book.

*Students’ course completion dates are now added to each course’s grade book CSV export.

Again, if you have a current WP Courseware license, you can update to the new version at any time from within the “Installed Plugins” panel of your WordPress admin dashboard.

Whether you’re a current customer interested in upgrading your license or someone who hasn’t yet purchased WP Courseware but would like to get started creating your own courses with WordPress, we invite you to use discount code WPCW383 to receive 10% off on any new license purchase or license upgrade.

As always, thanks for your support!

Ben and Nate




Ben & Nate

The Fly Plugins Guys


  1. Leonardo Sepúlveda on February 16, 2016 at 6:17 am

    Amazing work! Thanks!

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