WP Courseware Version 3.8.4 is Here! And We’re Celebrating with a Special Gift for You!


Today we’re thrilled to announce another update to WP Courseware!

If you’re a current license holder, WP Courseware version 3.8.4 will be waiting for you in your “Installed Plugins” screen within your WordPress admin dashboard.

So What’s New in Version 3.8.4?

New Shortcode for Student Self-Enrollment

One of the feature requests we receive very often is from customers looking for the ability to allow students to register themselves from a menu of courses. We’re excited to announce a new shortcode which can be displayed on any page which provides enrollment buttons for any course you’re offering. Students can simply click the button, register on your site, and they’ll automatically be enrolled for the course. If there are multiple courses, a logged in student can also sign up for a new course on this page and be notified of which courses they’re already registered in.


Enable/Disable Course Unit Comments

In the past, it’s been necessary to add custom code for comment support in the WP Courseware course units. However, we’ve now added an option to the WP Courseware “Settings” screen which will allow you to turn comments on easily without any tinkering. Simply enable this option and then within your course units you can choose which ones you want to allow comments in. No more editing code!


Option to Turn Quiz Results Downloadable PDF On/Off

This release also includes a quiz-specific setting in a quiz’s “Results Settings” tab to choose whether or not you want students to be able to download their quiz results.


Course Search Option

We have quite a few customers with dozens and sometimes hundreds of training courses. Users now have the ability to search the course listings screen for specific courses and save time when it comes to editing them. It’s a small tweak, but for some users this will make a big difference in productivity.


There are a few other minor changes in this release, so feel free to view the “Read Me” file to see all of the tweaks we’ve made in version 3.8.4!

Still Not a WP Courseware License Holder?

Well, there’s no better time to get started creating your online courses with WordPress!

WP Courseware was the first WordPress learning management system plugin on the market and we’ve been very fortunate to earn the support of thousands of customers from around the globe.

If you haven’t yet purchased a WP Courseware license or you are a current customer and want to upgrade your existing license, enter code WPCW384 at checkout to receive 20% off on any purchase or upgrade.

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This discount code will only be valid through Sunday, April 3rd at midnight ET.

It’s the least we can do to say “thank you” for all of your support over the last 4 years!

With gratitude,

Ben and Nate




Ben & Nate

The Fly Plugins Guys

P.S. Remember, this limited-time 20% discount to celebrate the release of WP Courseware version 3.8.4 will expire soon. Please don’t miss out! And if you’re already a WP Courseware license holder, this is a great opportunity to upgrade your existing license from within the Member Portal.


  1. Dave Phillips on May 4, 2016 at 6:28 am

    This is an incredible tool with lots of possibilities. One thing that I need is to have a survey/quiz that allows students to check “all that apply.” I’ve looked through your documentation, but I don’t see that option. Is it possible to have checkboxes with multiselect in a survey? Everything else seems to be in place and I’m hoping to use this in the near future. Thanks

    • Ben Arellano on June 17, 2016 at 2:19 pm

      Hi Dave,
      This is now available with version 3.8.5. Enjoy!

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